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Date and place of birth: 24 March 1953, Minneapolis, mn, USA
Height: 170 cm
American comedian, actor.
Louie Anderson grew up in a large family – he was the tenth child out of 11 children, they were good and intelligent mother and alcoholic father. Work Louie Anderson began as a school counselor, studied troubled Teens. But all this only until, until one day he argued with friends that will be able to go to a Comedy club on stage and the audience will be no less funny than if it was a comedian-professional. And won. For Louie Anderson this was the beginning of my career – after six months, he earned only with humor, telling stories about large families and troubled children.In 1981 Louie Anderson won first place in a Comedy competition Midwest, where he was taken under the wing of a well-known comedian Henry Angman.
Television career of Louie Anderson/ Louie Anderson
The popularity of Louie Anderson came after appearing in the TV show The Tonight Show. Anderson were invited to appear on television and in feature films.
After a successful edition of the first autobiographical book Louie Anderson was released on the basis of the cartoon series “Life with Louie”, which, as the book is built on the childhood memories of the comedian. Saturday morning animated series “Life with Louie” won many awards, including Emmy awards and three prizes of “Humanitas”.
From 1999 to 2002, Louis Anderson led the TV show “The Family Feud”Family feud. This show was popular in the ‘ 70s, when it was led by Richard Dawson, Louie Anderson got the updated version of the program. Anderson has set a new style of the show – if Dawson kissed each guest, Anderson, by contrast, is showered with jokes and barbs. Dawson from the new host was not happy and come to the program “the exchange” as a guest refused. But the program had big ratings.
Personal life Louis Anderson/ Louie Anderson
In 1985, Louie Anderson married his high school sweetheart, but they lived together for only 4 weeks.
In 2000, Louie Anderson was blackmailed by a man who was threatening to reveal information to the tabloids that Anderson in California offered him to have sex. Louie Anderson feared that the scandal will damage his reputation and the first time I paid the blackmailer. But when his demands increased, Louie Anderson went to the police and the blackmailer was arrested and sentenced to 21 months in prison.
In 2003, Louie Anderson after a heart attack suffered heart surgery.
For most of his career he lived in Las Vegas. Now Louie Anderson obosnovalsya in Los Angeles.

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