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Nocturnal animals Lori, representatives lorievyh family, live in the tropical forests of Central Africa, South and Southeast Asia. Their distinguishing feature – huge eyes directed forward. Tails they are short or non-existent. Typically Lory reach a length of 17 to 40 cm, and the weight varies depending on the kind of between 0.3 and 2 kg. Lori are active primarily at night. They are characterized by slow and cautious movements, and never jump. His strong legs lorievye clinging to the branches and even force them very difficult to detach from them. Most lorievyh live alone or in small tribal groups. Live loris are up to 20 years.
Lori feed mainly on insects, bird eggs and small vertebrates. In addition, they can eat fruit or tree sap. The main threat to the existence of lorievyh consists in the gradual destruction of their habitat, ie tropical forests. Lorievyh family is divided into four kinds, depending on which point of view, there are eight to ten species. Here are some of the genera: thin, thick, small, ordinary, slow loris and potoo.
Slender loris – a small graceful animal weight 85-348 grams and length of head and body about 26 cm, the tail is missing. The limbs are thin, slim, front only slightly shorter than the back. The eyes are round and very large, close together and facing forward, they are separated by only a narrow white stripe, dark circles around the eyes, which further increases their size.
Slender loris – the inhabitants of tropical rain forests of South India and Ceylon, but also found in dry forest areas. Locals call them tevangu. During the day they sleep in tree hollows or in dense foliage, often in split branches. At the same time the body is rolled into a ball, head and front legs are between the thighs, and feet firmly clinging to the branch, and sometimes hands covering branch. In captivity they can be seen sleeping in limbo, clinging to his cage bar.
At sunset slender loris awaken deployed sipping, clean and fluff fur “tooth-comb” and dressing claw, then slowly go in search of food. In the shadows of their eyes shine bright like embers. Their slow movement caused by grasping ability of limbs, and the main role is played by the feet. Brush is also a good grasping organ; obhvatyvanii in branches of small diameter in the capture of the main force of food it belongs to a large and most long fourth finger.
Described about six published their sounds, including low grunts and chirps. Because of their special habits is interesting to note that, like many other lemurs, moving slowly along the branches, all their surface, they are sprayed with urine, wetting it well and limbs. This habit explains how olfactory marking territory.
Lori thick pretty similar to the slender loris, though they differ in size and larger-bodied. Eating them are insects, leaves, fruits, seeds, birds and their eggs, lizards. In captivity, eating lots of fruits, little meat. Living slow loris alone or in pairs and small families. There are several types of voices – low grunts, chirps high, high, clear whistle, especially in females during breeding. In captivity, they are silent and sad.
From large slow loris pygmy slow loris differ slightly. Basically, the measurement of: the weight ranges from 400 to 800, whereas large Lory weighs between 1 kg. However, about it, too, you can tell a lot of interesting facts. On the Internet, one of the forums devoted to animals, we found the diary of a couple from the suburbs, which acquired a couple of small slow loris. This work is huge – more than a hundred pages! Being loving owners, a husband and wife learn all the subtleties of content, communication and feeding slow loris in their own practice, constantly improved living conditions and nutrition of their charges, and helped to shed light on hitherto unknown facts about the life of these wonderful pets.
First, the house was taken by the male. He practically from the first day proved to be a nimble, clever, affectionate and sociable beast; quickly fell in love with human hands and loved to sit on his hands, folded “boat”, absorbing his favorite treat – grapes. Constantly watching his grace, habits and funny poses, these people found out why Laurie called “thick”. Firstly, of course, for their touching toy “Plush”. Secondly, Laurie dense, spherical belly, like an avid beer drinker – he is very pronounced and is particularly visible at the moment when Laurie sits almost like a man leaning on the hind limbs.
girlfriend for the younger male – After 10 days, the female was taken. Boy for a long time could not take the girl, but not because of his youth, inexperience or sense of territoriality. He really “jealous” his newfound companion to the owners! He had only one spouse to pick up a female, caress her, the male immediately began to worry about, clapping and snapping, but it took a few days, and in the family of Lori peace.
To watch the mysterious pet life, the couple purchased a night vision camera, which was installed in the terrarium. Images broadcast on the TV screen located in the bedroom, so that people can see what is happening with the students during their nocturnal activity, while not disturbing the peace of the animals. In the darkness, left alone, Lori shake off drowsiness phlegmatic – to actively move, communicate, publish different sounds.
It turned out that another name – a slow (slow big and slow pygmy slow loris) is not suitable for these animals! They are playful, agile, graceful, and can be a lot of fun messing around and roughhouse. Female male beckoned, he answered her, they sniffed, played, and then was startled and When the wolf from the belly, sweetly asleep in the house arm in arm. The camera captured and how funny lori eat: sitting, taking a piece of food “handles”, almost like a small man ‘s cub.

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