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Loretta Young – a popular American film star’s 1930-1940, winner of the “Oscar” ( “farmer’s daughter”), three times – “Emmy” ( “Letter to Loretta”) and double – “Golden Globe” ( “Christmas Eve”, “Letter to Loretta “). Also nominated for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe” for his roles in “Come to the stables” films, “The Lady in the corner.”
Gretchen Young (real name) was born on January 6, 1913 in Salt Lake City, USA. She passed away August 12, 2000 at the age of 87 in Santa Monica, California.
Gretchen was the daughter of Gladys Royal Young and John Earl Young. When she was three years old, her parents divorced. Together with her mother and two older sisters, she moved to Southern California to Hollywood. In three years, Yang has already begun to appear in the movie, along with her sisters Polly Ann Young and Elizabeth Young. At Young sisters are in high demand in Hollywood.
It is said that once silent film star Mae Murray saw Gretchen on the set and fell in love with her so that even wanted to adopt. Mother, of course, the daughter did not give, but allowed some time to live with it.
With seven years little girl started to go to school at the convent. For 14 years Young has returned to the cinema. She starred in the film directed by a woman, Colleen Moore «Naughty But Nice» (1927).
After this little actress has signed a contract with the company «First National», the predecessor of Warner Bros. Gretchen Young turned to Loretta Young, dyed from blonde to auburn and began to conquer the screens.
Thin flawless facial features, alluring blue eyes – Beauty Loretta let her get one role after another. In 1930th began to write about it all the newspapers. She appeared on the screens with actor Grant Vittersom in the detective comedy «The Second Floor Mystery» (1930). And after shooting 17-year-old actress she has run away with a married an actor. A year later, their marriage annulled, and screens out a new tape with their participation – «Too Young to Marry» (1931). On the career of the actress her personal life is not adversely affected – Loretta appeared in 6-10 pictures a year, which contributed to its popularity. Sensual supply drew attention to the beautiful actress. In the 30’s, Loretta has contracted with the company “Fox”, continuing to receive first role on screen.
At 22 years old, in 1935, Loretta secretly gave birth to a daughter of the famous actor Clark Gable. With him she had met on the set of “Call of the Wild” (1935). Origin actress girl hiding from the fact that Gable was married and the birth of an illegitimate child would hurt her career. So she gave birth to a daughter away from everyone, in six months given to the house of orphans, and a year later, dismissing rumors that he intends to adopt an orphan, took the girl home. Secret store more than half a century, including from his daughter, who considers himself an adopted child.
In 1940, 27-year-old Young married businessman and producer Tom Lewis. And her daughter received the name of Judy Lewis (later became an actress). After that, Yang gave birth to sons – Christopher Lewis (became a director) and Peter Charles (a musician).
In 1948, the year of 35-year-old mother of three children received the “Oscar” for his role in the film “Daughter of a farmer” (1947), in which Young has embodied the image of the daughter of a poor immigrant who becomes a member of the US Congress. Two years later, the actress nominated for an “Oscar” for his role in the drama “Come to the stables” (1949).
After 1953, 40-year-old actress has focused on TV. She has appeared in his own shows successful drama series on NBC «Letter to Loretta”.
In 80 years, in 1993 it, Young married a famous fashion designer Jean Louis, widower of her dead friend. Loretta Young was awarded two stars on the Hollywood Alley of Glory – for his work in film and TV.

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