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Lisa Eilbacher

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Lisa Eilbacher, star of film and television the last quarter of the twentieth century, was born on 5 may 1957 in the city of Dhahran (Saudi Arabia), the son of an American oilman. Special memories of the “oil Paradise” by Lisa left, most of the childhood she spent in Paris, and by 1965 it was the whole family returned to the United States, settling in Beverly hills in southern California.
Of becoming a movie star Lisa dreamed of since childhood, and already at the age of twelve, in 1969, received his first small role in an episode of the TV series “my Three sons”. A beautiful girl was noticed by Hollywood agent on search of young talents, when Lisa was walking with his mom. However, to successfully audition, a charming appearance wasn’t enough Lisa had to deal seriously with its English pronunciation, after all, the child she spoke French, which became her almost native language.
By the way, Lisa was not the only or even the youngest star of the screen in the family Eilbacher. Cynthia, the younger sister of Lisa (and all in the family were five children!), first appeared on television in 1965, starring in a small child’s role in the TV series “My wife spelled me,” and continued to act until 1987. Starred in the television series the younger brother, Bobby, but only in childhood, but in adolescence he had other interests.
After a successful debut in “my Three sons” Lisa starred all the time – in commercials, in large and small roles in television series (in its track record such popular U.S. television shows like “bonanza”, “Smoke from a gun”, “Shazam!”, “The Waltons” and many others). Often it happens that when young actors grow older, they lose much of their charm and stop acting in movies and on television, but with Lisa it did not happen. Growing up, she successfully transitioned from child to adult roles, and later proved himself on the big screen. One of the most significant work was the role of Kelly Shaw in the detective television series “Mysteries of the brothers Harvey”, consisting of 46 episodes (Lisa starred in seven of them), aired in 1977, the same year Lisa starred in the feature film “the Flight of Logan”.
But the peak of her fame came in the 80-ies of the last century. In 1982 American Director Taylor Hackford has put the famous movie “an officer and a gentleman”, in which Lisa, Eilbacher got the role of cadets of the military flight school that trains pilots of naval aviation. In the film, the heroine Lisa is unable to cope with the obstacle course and generally is not in better shape. Exactly this was the main difficulty for Lisa – her athletes, serious bodybuilders, it was not easy pretending to be weak. The second “star” of the film for her was “Beverly hills”, famous for the action in 1984. In it, Lisa starred as Jenny summers, loyal friend, Axel Foley, played by Eddie Murphy.
Another significant role for Lisa Eilbacher was in the mini-series about the Second World war “Winds of war”, aired in 1983, where she played Madeline Henry.
Husband of the actress became a Director and producer Bradford may, since the late 70-ies of XX century successfully operating in film and television. Liza starred in his television series “the New twilight zone” in 1986, in the episode “Song of the night”.
In the 80-ies and 90-ies Lisa Eilbacher constantly filmed, but after 1995, the actress is no longer involved in the filming.

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