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Lisa Edelstein – American actress, star of the popular series “House”, where she played the role of the head physician of the hospital Lisa Cuddy.
Lisa Edelstein was born May 21, 1966 in Boston, becoming the third child in the family pediatrician. To act on the stage, she began to fifteen years, and after graduation decided to devote himself to acting business. She left his hometown and enrolled in the School of Fine Arts at New York University. The young blue-eyed brown-haired woman began her professional career with participation in musicals and television shows ( “Positive I», «Awake on the Wild Side»). The first time in Edelstein appears only twenty-five years old, when I got famous drama Oliver Stone’s “The Doors” (1991). The film about the formation of the legendary rock band, and the problems of its leader Jim Morrison sang debutante tiny role vizazhistka.
The following thirteen years of his career Edelstein often flashed in various television series, achieving a professional demand but not glory. Her name has little to say to the American mass audience, much less to the world, although the actress often played quite vivid and memorable characters. So, she played a lesbian in the TV series “Relativity” (1996-1997), a call girl in “The West Wing” (1999-2006), a transsexual in “Ally McBeal” (1997-2002), an orthodox Jewish woman in the TV show “Family Law “(1999-2002). Also, the actress has appeared in supporting roles in a fairly well-known and popular films. In particular, she played the employee of an advertising agency to Dean in a comedy with Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, “What Women Want” (2000), Eli Decker directorial project Edward Norton about love and religion “Keeping the Faith” (2000) and one of the mothers in the nursery comedy with Eddie Murphy’s “daddy” (2003).
For thirty-eight years Lisa Edelstein managed to bring about sixty characters on television and in the movies. In 2004th she was preparing to play in the next series, which was originally the name and do not have, and was called conditionally “David Shore Medical Project”. The actress was invited to the role of Lisa Cuddy – the head physician of the American Hospital where labor offensive, obstinate and a brilliant doctor. Already the first editions of the series, called “House MD” (2004-2012), achieved tremendous success and the highest ratings. Medical TV drama tells the story of a brilliant diagnostician and his team, who in a series of a series of rescue patients, “investigating” their atypical disease. The series became a worldwide hit in 2004, and the next six years. He immediately praised all the creators and actors, including Lisa Edelstein. The role of smart, serious and sexy female doctor – the only one who is able to control Dr. House and in whom he is in love, the actress lifted to the top of popularity. Through seven years of participation in the project Lisa earned a lot of TV awards, an army of fans and crazy fees. Fans still thoroughly dismantled her personal life, in comparison with the heroine’s life: as Dr. Cuddy, in Edelstein no children (actress cares only about three dogs and a cat) as Cuddy, she is not married, enjoys yoga and prefers vegetarian food . However, she Lisa asks not to confuse it with the on-screen character.
After “House” Edelstein went on to star in the television series, mostly in supporting roles ( “House of Lies”, “Scandal” Correct wife “and others.). In 2013, Lisa was the first time the main character of a full-length tapes by playing comedic drama about writer-recluse trying to find love, «She Loves Me Not».

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