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Lion – one of the most famous animals in the world, has long received in the undivided use the title of “king of beasts”. Among the felines, compete with them in size can only taiga tiger. Lion Body length reaches a length of slightly less than 2.5 meters, excluding the tail, with an average weight of about 200 kg. Despite such a large size, the animal is very clever and well-run.

Leo has a sufficiently large relative to the body, head, with several elongated snout. Paw low, strong, with retractable claws on his fingers. Differences in the size of males and females is significant, moreover, males can easily be distinguished by highly developed mane covering the neck, shoulders and chest, which have no females. Semets trapezoySherst lion of a lion’s body is short, brownish-yellow. The exception is the mane, which is colored much darker.

In the Middle Ages the lion was distributed throughout Africa, southern Europe, and further to the east, up to the Indian subcontinent. Currently, however, its area was reduced repeatedly. Now Meet the beast can only be in Central Africa, as well as a small population survived in Girskih forests that stretch along the east coast of India.

How often mistakenly assume the lion is not an inhabitant of the desert. Typical of its habitat – the open savannah, overgrown with grass and sparse vegetation. It is here that accumulates a large number of ungulates, and has lots of watering, without which the predator can not do.

Unlike leopards, cheetahs and tigers, lions rarely found alone. More often, they live in pairs or in groups, called prides. The number of individuals in the pride can reach 30 individuals. The head of a group of adult male, the other members of the family – a lioness with a young offspring.

Day of pride of lions hiding from the sun in the shade and with the onset of darkness goes on the hunt. Major miners are the females, only in rare cases, to help them come the leader. Leo does not shrink from any prey, feeding on carrion and small rodents to antelope (impala, eland), zebras, and even young elephants, rhinos and hippos. Lions eat antelope killed gnuChtoby catch prey using a variety of methods, from sneaking unnoticed, after which the victim is overtaken by a few jumps to the collective hunt, when a part of Pride drives prey lurking in ambush on lionesses. If possible, Lions take away food from other predators.

Pairing these animals all year round, so there are a pride to the various age female offspring. Male lion desperate lioness defends from competitors attacks. Sometimes these collisions lead to the death of one of the sparring partners. After 3.5 months of pregnancy on light there is from 2 to 5 cubs. The female carries the lion cub in a secluded mestoUbezhischem for them is a cave or other shelter, located in a remote place. Cubs are born spotted, about 30 cm long, and only later their wool becomes monochrome brownish-yellow color. Puberty is a lion up on the fourth year of life.

Quite rare in nature, but often in captivity lion crossed with tigers and other big cats. The offspring of such pairs, though surviving, but to reproduce more of its weight is not capable.

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