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Lindsey was born on July 2, 1986 in the Bronx in the family broker and dancers.
Major movie actor Lindsay Lohan
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Georgia Rule
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Just My Luck
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Temporarily pregnant
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Lindsay’s father was the heir to a small pasta factory and had constant problems with the law in connection with financial transactions. Because of these problems, the girl’s parents are constantly converge, then diverge. The first scandal occurred Lindsey parents when she was three years old. At the same time Lindsay first appeared as a model. Agency Ford enjoyed working with Lohan, and they entered into a contract with her parents. So in three years, Lohan has been the face of Calvin Klein Kids. Between three to six years, Lindsay starred in 108 commercials. Since it wanted to work everything from fashion brands to network pizzerias. Like all children Lindsay went to school, but unlike many others, received in addition to the traditional and religious education – the mother of Lindsay Lohan and raised three younger children in the Catholic faith. Lindsay attended school in Long Island, where teachers noticed her talent in mathematics. However, the girl was transferred to home schooling, and be able to terminate the school she had between shooting film and occasional visits home.
When the actress was ten years old, she sang the role of Alexandra “Ally” Fowler in the television drama “Another World” and critics said that the talented girl can be regarded as a pensioner of show business. The role played by Alexandra Lohan year, then left the project for the sake of filming the movie “The Parent Trap.” In the movie “The Parent Trap” Lindsay played the role of twin sisters. For his work in this film Lohan won the award “young actor” and three of the contract with the Disney studio. In 2000, they released their second film with Lindsay – “The perfect toy”, where she played together with American supermodel Tyra Banks. She also appeared in the pilot of the series “Bette” as Bette Midler’s daughter, but because of the transfer of filming in Los Angeles Lohan was forced to abandon the filming of the show.
In 2002, Lindsey continued to work with Disney and appeared in the film “Find the key” (Children spyware), and in 2003 came the film “Freaky Friday” – a mother and daughter, who swapped bodies. Director Mike Waters was pleasant to work with Lindsay during the filming of “Freaky Friday,” so he asked Lindsay on his next project, the movie “Mean Girls” (2004). For his work in this film Lindsay won MTV Awards Award – “Best Actress” and “Best On-Screen Team” (Lohan, McAdams, Chebert, Seyfried). Also in 2004, Lohan has worked in the film “Star of the scene.” The film has collected a lot of positive press reviews, as well as 33 million at the box office, earning a neat $ 18 million. Since 2004, Lindsay began to chase the paparazzi with car problems, the actress always gets in the small accident.
The first failure was the picture of a movie Lindsay “Herbie Fully Loaded”, during the filming of the actress was hospitalized due to problems in his personal life, she experienced so much separation from actor Vadderamoy. This is followed by the work of “Just My Luck” for which Lindsay awarded the “Golden Raspberry”, calling it a game – the worst women’s game. In 2006, Lohan appeared in episodic roles in the movie “The Holiday,” which appeared in starring such stars as Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. In 2007, Lohan was involved in various projects, including the “Georgia Rule”, where she played together with the legendary Jane Fonda.
Further, the actress’s career has been a break as load affected her health and psyche, Lindsay had alcohol and drug problems. But in 2012, Lindsay starred in the movie “Machete” Rodriguez. Currently, she continues rehabilitation course for drug addiction. In 2013, the expected yield of the film “Scary Movie – 5”.

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