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Linda Carroll Hamilton – American actress, gained worldwide popularity after the execution of the role of Sarah Connor in several science fiction films of James Cameron Terminator robot with artificial intelligence, was born September 26, 1956 in the largest city in Eastern Maryland Solsberi. Her mother was a descendant of the first settlers who crossed the Atlantic Ocean on the merchant ship “Mayflower”. the girl’s father was a physician. When Linda was barely five years old, he died in an accident. She and her twin sister Leslie remained in the care of the mother. Soon, she married for the second time. It was the chosen one for the chief of the city police. Later in an interview, Linda called her childhood boring. Her only fun, pleasurable, was reading a book. That he is devoting all his spare time. Both sisters in the school years started playing in amateur theater productions.
Linda was educated at Washington College, where one of the professors told the girl that she never expected sometime in the future to make the actor’s craft. Arriving in New York, Hamilton began attending seminars Lee Strasberg. In the late 70s she left a city of contrasts, and moved to sunny California. Debut on the screen to become an actress drama “Violence and Marriage: The Case of couple Rideout.” The film was based on a true story about a case of family couple Rideout. The staff has been revised and adopted a law allowing the wives to file complaints against their husbands in case of manifestations of violence on their part. Partner Linda in the film became an aspiring actor Mickey Rourke. Two years later, the young actress appeared in the thriller Nick Castle’s “Game of the murder.”
In 1981, Hamilton participated in the shooting of a police television series “Hill Street Blues”, which was subsequently awarded several awards “Emmy”. This was followed by a role in the horror film Fritz Kirsch, “Children of the Corn”, staged on a story by Stephen King king of the genre. The film was awarded at the Cannes festival prize. In 1982, Linda was married to actor Bruce Abbott. They separated in 1989, when Hamilton expecting their first child. Then the actress bought a house in the French provinces, and moved there with the aim to improve their health, and to devote themselves to the birth of her son Dalton.
The real breakthrough in the career of the actress became a fantasy thriller James Cameron’s “Terminator”, released on the big screens in 1984. Events pattern occurred in 2029, and drew a disappointing stage a post-apocalyptic future world. The basis of the script was invented by director, in a fit of fever. Realize the director’s design was quite difficult, as no one wanted to fund the project. Start in life the film won only thanks to the efforts of producer Gale Anne Hurd, who bought the script for $ 1. Invested funds have brought a dizzying revenues and professional success, the creators and actors worldwide fame. Two years later, viewers saw Linda in the science fiction film “King Kong Lives”. The sequel has completely failed at the box office. The next work again became fiction thriller Sunrise “Black Moon”, which along with Linda starred Tommy Lee Jones. In 1987, Hamilton participated in a successful project – the TV series “Beauty and the Beast.” For this work, she was nominated for the “Emmy” and “Golden Globe”. In 1991, the actress appeared in a sequel to Cameron’s “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.” For the role of Sarah Hamilton was awarded the MTV Movie Awards in the categories of “Best Actress” and “most desirable woman.” In some scenes the actress substitute for her twin sister Leslie. After working in a mini-sequel “Terminator February 3-D: Battle Across Time” in 1997 Linda married a second time. Her husband was James Cameron, from the union to which the daughter Josephine was born in 1993. For the director of the marriage was the fourth, and lasted only two years.

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