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Lily-Rose Melody Depp

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Lily-Rose Depp: Biography
Lily-Rose Melodie Depp is a modern actress and model. Her parents are famous actors Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. The creative career of the girl began at a young age. Fame came after filming the Chanel advertising campaign. The actress admits that she has a bad habit – she smokes.

Lily-Rose Melody Depp was born on May 27, 1999. This event took place in Paris, where the Depp-Paradis acting family lived at that time. Lily’s parents are famous people in the world of cinema and show business – Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp. The birth of the baby changed the life of bright and unusual people. The artists composed lullabies for her, and her mother was responsible for the words, and her father – for the music. The result of the creative union was the magic tune “La Ballade de Lily Rose”. Daughter’s name is tattooed on Johnny Depp’s chest.

Later, Lily-Rose had a younger brother, John Christopher Depp III. For several years after the birth of children, the family lived on the estate of Plan-de-la-Tour, located in Saint-Tropez. After a few years, the Depp Paradis moved to the United States. Caring parents send their children to an elite private school located in Hollywood. It was Oakwood. The institution focuses not only on the education of the child, but also on creative development. Each student understands that adults value and respect children and teenagers.

Lily-Rose Depp was very active and inquisitive. The girl took part in the life of the educational institution. In 2016, the daughter of famous actors graduated from high school. Photos from the prom appeared on the Internet. The public was surprised and frightened by the fragility of the girl. Later, Lily admitted that she suffers from anorexia.

“Evil comments about my appearance upset and overwhelm me, because I do so much to cope with the disease. I was just a child when I encountered anorexia, and it was very difficult for me to cope with this problem, ”the model and actress who gave an interview to Elle magazine surprised the fans with frank admissions.
A few years earlier, when Lily was only 12 years old, her father left the family. Divorce Paradie and Depp passes quickly and without scandals. The reason for the destruction of a strong family was a young blonde Amber Heard, with whom the actor starred in the movie “Rum diary.” In 2014, Johnny Depp is married to a sweetheart. Lily-Rose quietly survived the gap parents and the emergence of a stepmother. Often the paparazzi were seen by Amber and Lily walking together shopping or dining in restaurants.

Photos in the tabloids appeared immediately after the birth of Lily-Rose, so the girl was accustomed to such increased attention from the press and the public. The stages of growing up were actively discussed and covered in the media. The journalists liked to talk about the appearance of the young Depp Paradis, the girl’s wardrobe.

The world of art, Hollywood stars – this is the usual life of a child from an acting family, which also belonged to Lily. The only thing that has always remained outside this world is the love of the daughter for the father, at the same time the incredible desire to get away from the label “daughter Johnny Depp”. Family ties had a direct impact on any work of the young actress.

Lily debuted as an actress at the age of 14. The first work of a 14-year-old teenager was the film “Tusk”. In this tape with his daughter played the father of Johnny Depp. Fans of the actor considered the film strange, but it was impossible to expect anything else from the shocking actor and daughter. The film is perfect for the star family. It turned out crazy and phantasmagoric, a little crazy.

“It’s very exciting to make my little contribution to the movie“ Tusk ”, in which my father starred. I hope that you will like it! ”- the girl said on her page on the Instagram social network.
For Lily, they singled out a secondary role. The girl played a charming blonde vendor working at a gas station. The heroine of the teenager constantly chatted on the phone, not even trying to perform the main task – to sell goods to customers.

Later in the filmography of Lily-Rose, another film from the future trilogy appeared – “Yoganutye”. Once again, the girl played in the tape with Johnny Depp. In 2017, the last film of the Canadian Trilogy, Elk Jaw, will be released on big screens. Together with the young actress played Harley Quinn Smith – the daughter of director Kevin Smith.

In 2016, another movie was released in which Lily Depp played. Together with the girl worked the famous actress Natalie Portman. Interestingly, for the movie “Planetarium” a young girl chose her partner.

She gave a photo of the actress to the director, who approved Lily for the role. In the film, the girls played sisters capable of talking to spirits.

Modeling career
Lily-Rose Depp is interested not so much in film career as in modeling business. Unusual appearance suitable for filming in advertising. For the podium model, Depp is not high enough. Parameters of the actress: height 160 cm and weight 40 kg. Some model business gurus believe that even Elizabeth Taylor would be envied by clearly defined cheekbones.

Collaboration with Chanel began in April 2015. In New York, Karl Lagerfeld organized a show of the new collection “Chanel Paris-Salzburg”. At the event, several new girls were present as models, including Lily-Rose Melody. For the first time, Depp and Paradis were talked about as a new face of a famous French brand. But while they were discussing rumors, which, however, were confirmed later. A year later, Chanel and Lily Depp sign a contract.

The girl began to advertise the incredible fragrance “Chanel № 5 L’Eau”. This is a modern version of the perfume “Chanel No. five”. It was expected that the perfume will be in demand among fans of the brand. The young model competed with eminent actresses participating in the advertising campaigns of the fashion house. This is Nicole Kidman, Audrey Totu, Catherine Deneuve. Lily became the ambassador of the French brand, starred in an advertisement for Pearl glasses presented in the fall-winter 2015/16 collection. Depp appears in front of fans on the pages of Vogue, Gala and Grazia magazines.

Personal life
Lily-Rose is an American girl who participates in social movements. For example, in 2015, the actress became part of the project “Self Evident Truths”, aimed at protecting the rights of the LGBT community. Journalists have concluded that Lily is attracted by boys and girls. After the release of the magazine “Lovemagazine”, where Depp appeared with the model Stella Maxwell in the photos, the girls were credited with romance.

Lily’s personal life is not on display. The model is seen in the company of colleague Esch Staymest. The young man is popular in the modeling and music business. He participated in the show “Balenciaga”, advertised shoes “Dr. Martens ”, was filmed for“ Vogue ”. Lily-Rose’s relationship does not enthuse Johnny Depp for several reasons: her boyfriend is 8 years older, married, he has a child.

The girl communicates with friends, leads a page in Instagram, regularly publishes photos of her colleagues, peers and pets. Among friends, celebrities Lily identifies two friends – Willow Smith and Harley Queen Smith.

Lily rose depp now
Despite the indignation of his father, Lily-Rose continues to meet with Ash Steimest. Now beloved live together. There is no place for a girl’s career. Lily is removed in Chanel advertising campaigns, and the style of the young person is discussed in the tabloids. Much has been said about the appearance of the model, but it is worth emphasizing that Parisian chic is inherited from mother Vanessa Paradis.

The girl chooses monochrome outfits for carpet tracks, emphasizing the natural beauty. In everyday life, Lily tries not to stand out from her peers. He often wears jeans, short tops and coarse shoes, hoodies.

Lily-Rose admits that she dreams of reaching acting heights and acting as director Quentin Tarantino. Critics believe that this dream will come true, as the girl has the talent and the necessary qualities to climb the star Olympus. The biography of the young model and actress is just beginning to take shape into a single puzzle.

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