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Lily Aldridge – popular American supermodel, became famous thanks to the cooperation with the international brand of underwear Victoria’s Secret. Despite the fact that it is enough for the average growth of the fashion business, she was able to declare itself loudly and for a long time keeps the status of a top model.
The girl is a favorite of many famous designers and fashion editors, because of what the model life of beauty is very rich in various orders and proposals for work. Repeatedly naked Lily starred for men glossies, but never her photo did not look too frankly or gone. At the moment, the model is actively removed for famous publications, still involved in the shows, and, of course, is actively involved in the education of his beloved daughter.
Lily Aldridge naked
One of the most popular top models Lily Aldridge world was born November 15, 1985 in Los Angeles, USA. Her dad popular artist Alan Aldridge and his mother – a model Laura Lyons, but, despite this congestion parents, her childhood was imbued with love and care. In addition to the young beauty from their parents there are two wonderful daughters Ruby and Saffron, who also dedicated themselves to the world of high fashion and son Miles, who became famous fashion photographer.
From early childhood, Lily fate was sealed as parents devote much time to develop her creative abilities. In addition, its growth has attracted a lot of attention, and even the teachers said that the girl was waiting for a bright future in the world of high fashion.
At the age of 15 years of life of the young model has changed dramatically since she was asked to take part in a photo shoot. After consulting with her parents, she decided to try himself in the modeling field, so gladly accepted the offer. From this seemingly insignificant decisions, and she began modeling career Lily.
modeling career
Height – 174 cm;
Weight – 52 kg;
Options – 85 -61-91 cm.
After several contests in 2003. Lily received the first serious proposal – to make photos for Spanish Vogue, to which she agreed without hesitation. It is this photoshoot and became a turning point in the life of a young beauty.
After the phenomenal success of Vogue, Lily photo appeared in such prominent publications like Cosmopolitan, Elle Girl, Glamour and other well-known magazines. During his life, she repeatedly posed nude, but every time she did not show anything extra. Often photographers shot her elegant form, but completely bare her body before the camera she did not dare.
Several years later, Lily Aldridge appears in advertisements of such famous brands as the Arden, Shiatzy Chen, Rocawear and Bobbi Brown. After successful filming girl offers to contract the most famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. It is known that the designers of this brand do not pay attention to the categorical model of growth, it is important her professionalism, harmony and feminine forms.
Without thinking Lily, of course, agrees, and in 2010 to become one of the angels. Because of this its popularity soars to the heavens, but despite this she continues to work hard hard. Instead, she earns more than one million dollars and agreed to take part in a photo shoot for the most famous men’s magazine Maxim. As before, all photos the model looks subdued, but confident and sexy.
Personal life
Despite its spectacular appearance, Lily personal life is not so rich.
1B 2007 young model met the lead singer of a rock band «Kings of Leon» Caleb Follouilom. Due to the fact that their growth is almost the same, next to each other celebrity couple looks very harmonious. Know each other Young decides to seal the knot, which is sent home to the girl in Montecito.
All participants were pleasantly surprised by the wedding ceremony as it took place in the open air surrounded by the unique colors and different decorative greenery. As befits a bride chosen for themselves the best dress from Vera Wang. As later admitted the couple, it was the happiest day of their lives.
After only a year, Lily Aldridge and pregnant in the summer of 2012 was born the daughter of a charming gem Followill. Almost immediately, a photo of a young baby began to appear in instagram and please their fans.

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