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Birthday: 29.08.1958 year
Place of birth: Dudley, United Kingdom
Citizenship: United Kingdom
In the period from 1978 to 1981 th Henry led the children’s programme ‘Tiswas’ and wrote scripts for Comedy ‘Three of a Kind’.
Henry was born in Dudley (Dudley), the son of Jamaican immigrants. After graduating from high school in the district of Dudley, he enrolled at the College, W. R. Tuson College.
In 1975 Lenworth signed a contract with their first Manager, Robert Luff (Robert Luff). The contract gave Henry the opportunity to begin to speak in one of the projects Luff, ‘Show Black and White Ministrel’ (‘The Black and White Minstrel Show’); however, in July 2009, Henry said that to act in this show made him a contract and that he is now about his work in this project strongly regrets.
Henry first appeared on the TV talent show ‘New Faces’; in 1975 he was able to win in this competition victory to his parody of Stevie wonder (Stevie Wonder). A year later, lenny got the part in the first British TV series with mostly dark-skinned actor’s ensemble, ‘The Fosters’ with him in this show starred Norman Beaton (Norman Beaton).
In 1980, Henry spent the summer season in Blackpool (Blackpool), working with Comedy Duo ‘Cannon and Ball’. This summer lenny for the first time as it should feel really big response from its viewers.
In the period from 1978 to 1981 th Henry led the children’s programme ‘Tiswas’ and wrote scripts for Comedy ‘Three of a Kind’.
In 1984, the BBC released the first series of ‘Show lenny Henry’ (‘The Lenny Henry Show’); was this show mainly from the stand-up rooms in particular, are already familiar Henry parodies by various celebrities. Lenny continued to operate in their sketches and created them in Blackpool images. The main writer on this project for the ‘ 90s was John Kanter (Jon Canter); in different formats, the program stayed in the etheric grid of about 20 years.
In the early ‘ 90s, Henry starred in the Hollywood film ‘Change of identity’ (‘True Identity’); special success with the audience, however, this picture had no effect. Much more successful was his TV role in the ‘ 90s lenny just shone as the choleric chef Gareth Blackstock (Gareth Blackstock) from the Comedy series ‘Chef!’ (‘Chef!’). In 1996, Henry – coupled with the very Neil Gaiman (Neil Gaiman) – produced drama TV series ‘Salvere’ (‘Neverwhere’).
A while lenny tried his hand as a singer; he worked in a soul style. Among the most notable projects of that time was involved in album recording Kate Bush (Kate Bush) The Red Shoes’ and performance in a pair by David Gilmour (David Gilmour) of ‘Pink Floyd’ in a charity concert Fund ‘Amnesty international’ (Amnesty International). Later Henry even tried to sing; in General, however, he came to the conclusion that in the world of music he has much of a future there. Lenny chose to return to familiar ground for him – Comedy scene.
In 2003, Henry was named one of the 50 most funny figures of British Comedy version of ‘The Observer’; a year later ‘The Sunday Times’ gave him 15th place in the list of the best black comedians of all time.
Together with his ex-wife, humoriste dawn French, Henry actively works for a charitable company ‘Comic Relief’; not once or twice, he on behalf of the Fund participated in a variety of humorous concerts. Quite often, Henry starred in advertising in particular, is different new Zealand dairy products; in the UK, lenny is in the form of one of its most famous heroes of Teofilius Wildbit (Theophilus P. Wildebeeste) – advertised cereals and non-alcoholic lager.

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