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Lemon belongs to the fruit of the genus Citrus.

Known primarily due to the high content of vitamin C, but also includes other important biological components to our health. The trees, which grow lemons, reach 5 meters, although there are also 10-meter. It is interesting that in most species of trees have thorns. Rip unripe lemons, so that they are preserved during transport, then immediately prior to the sale of their subjects artificial gas treatment – for the final maturation. Homeland lemon is considered to be China (although some believe that they are from India).

Lemons in Europe first appeared in the XI century. In Spain, the Arabs brought them from China. There are the first mention of them appear in the VIII century. Around that time, and there was this kind of plant. In America, Christopher Columbus brought lemon. In the XII century in France began selling lemonade, and at the turn of the XVII and XVIII centuries, the cultivation of the plant began in the tropical and subtropical climate. Today, the largest lemon plantation located in the United States, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Greece and Spain. The known fruits are oval, elongated shape, yellow and smaller compared to the size of an orange. The pulp is a few bones, though known species and seedless.

Lemon is one of the most important natural medicines consumed at home. Lemon is known as a nutritious and medicinal product. These yellow fruits contain high amounts of vitamin the C, as well as other biologically active substances:. Essential oils, pectin, rutin, coumarin, bioflavonoids, vitamins B1, B6, B9, calcium, etc. Lemon helps to protect the human body against all kinds of infections that It is making it an effective remedy for colds and diseases. It helps the digestive system, eliminates heartburn and nausea, treats constipation, regulate cholesterol levels, has a diuretic effect, helps with problems with blood circulation. Lemon has the properties of alkali formation, which helps us in the process of withdrawal of acids from the body. Lemon juice also has disinfectant properties, heals and dissolves diseased tissue. Mixed with olive or almond oil is a perfect remedy against eczema and used as externally and internally. Lemon oil is pressed from the rind of lemon cold. Because research shows that lemon oil has restorative properties of the immune system. It was also investigated the relationship between the main component of lemon oil and its role in the prevention of cancer. Lemon oil may also be used in the treatment of nervous conditions, high blood pressure, digestive problems, sore throat and respiratory tract infections. Lemon oil helps in activating the production of white blood cells, improves memory, strengthens nails, makes you feel good, perfectly cleanses the skin. And oil has antidepressant properties.

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