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Lee Van Cleef
It was however not the role that Kramer invited him initially. First, he wanted to give him the role of Harvey Pell and asked Whether whether he will be able to enter the role of a character. Typical Lee van Cleef manner, he told him on the phone, where “he can go” and Lee thought it was the end.
He was born January 9, 1925. In the family of Dutch ancestry and grew up on a wonderful farm in Somerville, new Jersey. Upon reaching adulthood by the time of world war II, he served in the naval forces of the United States submarine in the Caribbean, the Black and China seas. Married in 1943, Patsy Ruth, Lee started a family after the war. They had three children, a girl and two boys. He did not become an actor to support his family and worked on farms and doing other work outdoors, and later in the factory, where he was an analyst of the ways of timekeeping, because loved to do the calculations. It is often said that with its exceptional appearance he should try to pursue an acting craft, so he joined a local theater company in Clinton, new Jersey. “One night, at the invitation of friends I went and auditioned – I’ll be damned if I didn’t”. In the touring company of “Mister Roberts” was his first major test. About this new York trial of Lee said: “the Director asked me to take off my jacket, then my shirt and then his pants. And strut around the stage, while next to him sat a woman,” complained Lee and did what he thought was a terrible show. But a strong, muscular young man apparently had what they were looking for and they took it. Being accepted to work, conscientious van Cleef could not stay there, not enough for two weeks at the factory where he worked. It seemed that such a delay was not possible for the Director, so he refused the role. When he returned to his old job, his boss promptly fired him. He asked, “do You want to do this right?”. What she said: “let me in”. “Well, then you’re fired!”. His statement on the trial of “Mr. Roberts” was seen by Stanley Kramer, who gave him the role of Jack Colby, in the classic movie “high noon” (1952). It was however not the role that Kramer invited him initially. First, he wanted to give him the role of Harvey Pell and asked Whether whether he will be able to enter the role of a character. Typical Lee van Cleef manner, he told him on the phone, where “he can go” and Lee thought it was the end. But the next day Kramer had phoned him, suggesting a more complicated role – the role of Colby. And although he has virtually no dialogue, this film noticed him, his die was cast. In the next few years he played mostly supporting roles or villains sassy young guys. In 1959, after a serious car accident because of alcohol, nearly costing him his career, he had injured his knee. The doctors told him that he’ll never be able to ride on horseback. This injury bothered him the rest of your life, causing him great pain. Recovery was long and hard and made him for a time to postpone his acting. He divorced his first wife and married again in 1960. During your separation from the actor’s life, Lee started with his wife joanie to do business as a decorator interior, applying his talent for painting sea and landscapes. During the construction of the Studio in his house in Granada, Lee cut off the tip of a finger on his right hand. Later, it served him a bad service. Time weaning from the acting job he describes as an unhealthy time of sobriety. It seemed that his acting career ended along with numerous performances on television. But there was a chance that was waiting for him in the future that changed his entire life. In 1965, a courageous young Italian Director Sergio Leone was going to shoot his second so called “spaghetti Western”, after the success of his first movie “a fistful of dollars”, where the main role was played by Clint Eastwood. His second film, he called “For a few dollars more” and was looking for an actor for the lead role paired with Eastwood. It was the role experienced in the everyday Affairs of Colonel Douglas Mortimer. Leone wanted to take Lee Marvin, which was highlighted in the movie “Kate Ballo”. So Leone came to Los Angeles to find another actor.
He looked at the picture of Lee and invited him to the agent, who did not know what van Cleef at the moment since, as he went out of business. He contacted Lee and he came to the interview. But now he knew how to present herself. He wore a black coat and boots and when Leone glanced at the silhouette of the van Cleef when he was still at the door, he knew he found the right person. If right away was offered a role with a fee of 17 000$. And again, conscientious van Cleef could not agree to this proposal, while his current client, a designer whose house he was at the moment, will not get your money back. So Leone suggested plus another five thousand dollars, that would cover his house. Whether heading to the location of the set, having made almost polychloropene trip to Almeria, in Spain. Spanish village and the surrounding countryside had an uncanny resemblance with Texas and a small Mexican town on the border. As is typical of all men, between Eastwood and van Cleef argument broke out about who will be able to get out of the holster his revolver. Lee won the argument, because it was limited in time already in the story of the picture itself. In 1966, Lee was again on the same set together with Eastwood’s “Evil, Good, Bad”. This role was completely different from being a good guy – Colonel Mortimer. This is a great advantage van Cleef – his acting feature, because sometimes it’s hard to believe that both these roles were played by the same person. When shooting of this film is Eastwood gave him the nickname “Angel eyes”. In the history of cinema these roles came in as the most despicable. Lee van Cleef continued to play a major role with the fees corresponding to the most Euro-westerns in the late 60’s-early 70-ies, when the genre started to fade. During this time he entered the top ten highest-grossing actors in Europe. He bought a house in Rome and gave one of his many interviews for the Spanish TV after the acquisition of a ranch with many cattle in this country. The days of spaghetti westerns could be on the wane, but not career Whether. This genre got a strange further development in the mid-70s, combined with developing a new genre – a Thriller with elements of martial arts. Lee appeared in 1974 in one of these movies “the stranger and the GUNFIGHTER”. Thus began a new period in his life. He married a third time to Barbara Javelin and moved to Ochsner in California. He played in many action and adventure films such as “The Octagon” and “Escape From New York”. In 1984, he played a major role in the short series “The Master”, it was the role of American nija that in the United States looking for his long lost daughter. Lee van Cleef worked up until his podorvanov health led him to death on 14 December 1989 at the age of 64 years. At home he had a heart attack. His wife, Barbara, called paramedics, but they were powerless to bring him back to life. He was buried in the cemetery of Forest Lawn, Hollywood hills. After a career that spanned over four decades, Lee van Cleef left behind a huge number of pictures, through which we remember him. He was for many a hero, indirectly allowing them to live through him, because of his calm and cool demeanor radiated power from the screen. He was drawn to that little drop of insolence, within each of us. One day, he asked like if he could play the bad guys and Lee said, “of Course, these heroes have great power.” It could be inviting to play because of his impressive eyes and sharp facial features, but he honed his skills to match the requirement of art.

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