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Laurence Olivier – cozdatel the Royal National Theatre, the best interpreter of Shakespearean roles, a man knighted. The famous actor has played 120 theatrical roles, starred in 60 films and 15 television programs. Nominee and winner of awards “Oscar», «BAFTA», «Golden Globe» and many others. He has made an enormous contribution to the development of art, not only in his native England, but also in Hollywood.
Born May 22, 1907 in the family of a clergyman, he was raised in the strict framework of the Church of England. When Lawrence was 9 years old, my parents sent the boy to church school, according to family tradition. The first role played in the same age on the stage of the school theater, and even then his game said the actress Ellen Terry, telling about Lawrence – “This is a great actor.”
At age 13 he entered the St Edward’s School in Oxford. There he continued to play small roles in productions of Shakespeare’s works: he was daring Katharina in “The Taming of the Shrew” and PEComa in the play “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” And after that, his father decided that Kim, as he was known in the family, become an actor, even though he still thought Lawrence, that will continue the path of his father and become a priest. But his father sent the young actor in the Royal School of Drama and Oratory, which was considered the most prestigious in London. After training, the actor played in the Birmingham theater. Future star first battered small roles, but a year later he received the role of Hamlet. In June 1928, Olivier played in the play “bird in the hand”, where he met his first wife, Jill Esmond, who bore him a son. The marriage was not entirely successful, and they divorced in 1940.
In 1931, Lawrence began acting in Hollywood films. In the drama “Yellow card”, where he plays a British journalist in the film “Perfect Understanding”, which acts as an unfaithful husband in the comedy “No funny business.” However, about a theater actor did not forget, and even considered it more important than cinema. In 1935, Laurence Olivier starred in a production of “Romeo and Juliet”, and in the following years the actor has played in all of Shakespeare – from Hamlet to Henry V.
In 1937, Lawrence met the love of his life, Vivien Leigh. They played vlyublennnyh in the melodrama “The flames on Britain” and it is on this film they began a relationship that lasted for twenty years.
In 1939 Olivesygral role of Heathcliff in Emily Bronte’s novel adaptation of “Wuthering Heights”. This film brought him not only international fame but also the love of millions of women. To note, in this picture as a partner Lawrence wanted to see his bride Leigh, which was still not as well known, so the role went to another actress. This was followed by a whole series of successful films. Oscar-winning thriller Hitchcock’s “Rebecca”, where the actor starred Joan Fontaine. “Pride and Prejudice” – a screen, in which Lawrence perfectly accustomed to the role of Mr Darcy. In parallel with the work in the movie actor starred in the play on Broadway, “This is no time for comedy.”
In the same 1939 World War II broke out, and actor joined the Royal Air Force, where he served until 1944, until he was released specifically for the movie. After that, Lawrence began the most productive period of his life. He dabbled in the film adaptation of the play the role of director of Shakespeare’s “Henry V», which was made even as an actor and producer. Priyanli film with a bang, as the authorities considered it remarkable for the fact that the picture raised the spirit of the people, especially in the difficult years of war. In addition to this interesting technique was used – the beginning and the ending of the film were shot in a theater setting, which was so dear to Olivier. For this film, Lawrence has won many awards, including the “Oscar” in the end, it all praised as a director, especially since it was his first job.
This was followed by another Shakespeare film adaptation, and this time it was “Hamlet.” Again Lawrence fully orchestrated, has produced a picture of himself and played it. He received many awards including the “Golden Lion” at the Venice Film Festival, four “Oscar”, two “Golden Globes” and many other awards.
In 1945, Olivier and Richardson, with whom he had served during the war and for a long time worked, was promoted to lieutenant Association national service of entertainment and therefore they went to a six-week tour of Europe for the military with the production of “Arms and the Man” – a comedy by Bernard Shaw, “Peer Gynt” on the play by Henrik Ibsen and “Richard III».
In 1947, Laurence Olivier was knighted, and later he was awarded the status of Baron for services to the theater.
In 1960, the actor divorced Vivien Leigh. A year later, he married Joan Plowright, Laurence with her he lived until his death, and raised three children.

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