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Las Vegas

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Las Vegas – Located in the desert, far from the major centers, the casino capital of the world and show business.

This oasis town has a magical ability to attract thrill-seekers.

Luxurious hotels in Las Vegas; luxurious restaurants and casinos; theaters; concert halls; countless shows and attractions have earned the Las Vegas fame of the city of entertainment and fun, where reality merges with fantasy.

The dry climate and 310 sunny days a year, visitors heated temperament. In the center – along the main street of The Strip (strip tape translated from English) – built numerous hotels.

The main attraction of Las Vegas – its casino. They are located in almost every hotel and open to the public 24 hours a day, year-round flow of tourists does not dry out, risk-takers and thrill from around the world.

In addition to the casino there are many other places that deserve your attention. Roman gardens and shopping district, the center of which stands a copy of the famous sculpture of Michelangelo’s David. In a moving sidewalk “Roman Street” you can ride through Ancient Rome, which seemed revived to life holographic and laser effects. There is a dance floor with a romantic name “Cleopatra Rook.” Men wear clothes of Roman legionaries, and the waitresses are dressed in a toga.

Attractions Las Vegas

Las VegasSerdtse and the main attraction of Las Vegas Strip is the street on which the majority of hotels in the city. All hotels are trying to attract the attention of not only the neon lighting, and colorful show, the likeness of which you will not find is not something that in a nearby hotel, but also in any other hotel in the world. From the top of the pyramid of the hotel «Luxor», located at the beginning of the Strip, a ray of light appears every night, which can be seen from space. At the entrance to the chic “the Bellagio” accommodation every evening people gather to watch the show “Singing Fountains” (a well-known musical compositions of water spray coalesce into whimsical paintings, delighting everyone around you) «Treasure Island» hotel (which translates as “Treasure Island “) plays the pirate fights to modern music. Hotel «The Mirage» created on site an oasis where live white tigers and erupting volcanoes. Strip includes hotels, shops and restaurants, and there do not have to be bored for a second.

The sights of the West Coast, who must see during your stay in Las Vegas include:

Grand Canyon – National Park “Grand Canyon” is truly called “the 8th wonder of the world.” This is the largest canyon in the world. The canyon stretches for 365 km along the Colorado River. Steep cliffs of red and ocher-colored tower of more than 1700 m. And reaches a width of 30 km. Excursions in the “Grand Canyon”, accompanied by a simultaneous translation into Russian language, are organized from Las Vegas on a small plane or bus.

Death Valley- «Death Valley.” This exotic, the hottest place on earth is located at 80 meters below sea level. In summer, the sand is heated to 95 degrees, and the temperature reaches 55.

Making his way to Death Valley from Nevada – you will see a ghost town Riolayt (Rhyolite). This ghost town of miners and prospectors, before there lived 16 thousand people, mined silver ore and forwards in the direction of the coast. Now it is the place where the cast live.
Then the road starts to zigzag and extends along the sloping cliff band. Behind the White Pass and another ghost town Lidfild (Leadfield) The road narrows, the temperature rises in front of you burnt space with purplish spots mountains – Titus Canyon (Titus Canyon).

In the most northern part of the Valley, in a small valley, it is “Castle Scotty” (Scotty’s Castle) -usadba, built in the Spanish style at the beginning of the XX century. The farmstead is surrounded by green, lush groves and lawns, it looks fantastic especially given the severe nature of these places. There is something to see!

Not far from the “Castle Scotty” is a crater “Ubehebe” or “big basket”. The crater was formed as a result of the meeting with groundwater rising magma. The water instantly turned into steam and literally tore up the surface, sending debris high into the sky and covering the hills with black ashes.

This kind of makes you wonder about the fragility of human life, the beauty, the deadly beauty of nature … Once it becomes clear that leaving the car with the cold air-conditioned, people lose the battle for survival, as has happened in the past here in the Valley …

Lake Mead – man-made pearl Nevada. Lake appeared on the Colorado River by artificial means: after the Hoover Dam (the largest in Nevada) was built in 1935 The lake is clear blue water, surrounded by mountains on the sun-shifting color combination is really very beautiful and unusual. This you will not see anywhere else. On the lake you can take a walk on the independent small high-speed motor boats, steer the boat will be taught here, five minutes, and even a map will give, not to get lost. The boat can take over at any time, ride and swim all day, most importantly do not forget something for a picnic.

Prior Lake can be reached by bus or on their own, taking a rental car

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