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He graduated from high school Sheepsheadbay, and then entered the University of Maryland. In 1969, David earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of history, and in 1970 in the field of business.
American actor, comedian, producer and Director gene Lawrence ‘Larry David born July 2, 1947. David is a co-writer and producer of two famous and successful TV Comedy series ‘Seinfeld’ (Seinfeld, 1989-1998) and ‘Curb your enthusiasm’ (Curb Your Enthusiasm, 2000-present).
In 1989, David teamed up with Jerry Seinfeld to co-author with him to start work on the TV series ‘Seinfeld’, in which David acted as head writer and Executive producer. In 1993, the successful work of David received the award ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ in the category of ‘outstanding Comedy series’. In 1999 he began work on another series, ‘Curb your enthusiasm’, which was an improvised sitcom, one of the heroes of which are endowed with character and traits of David.
Former entertainer conversational genre, David went to work on the TV, and began to write the script for the TV series ‘Friday’ (Fridays ) for the channel ABC and starred in it. For ‘Friday’ was followed by writing scripts for Comedy shows ‘Saturday night live’ (Saturday Night Live).
Born Larry David is an American family of Jewish descent near Sheepsheadbay in Brooklyn, new York. He graduated from high school Sheepsheadbay, and then entered the University of Maryland. In 1969, David earned a bachelor’s degree in the field of history, and in 1970 in the field of business.
On 31 March 1993 Larry married Laurie Lennard. The couple settled in the town of Pacific Palisades, California, had two daughters, Cassi and Romi. As Cheryl David (character of the series ‘Curb your enthusiasm’), Laurie is actively involved in the protection of the environment. In July 2007, Lori filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.
Still speaking on the stage with the comic numbers, David had to earn money and a clerk in the store, and as a limousine driver, and a video technician to pay the bills. At that time he lived near the place where were shooting the ‘Hell’s kitchen’ (Hell’s Kitchen) in Manhattan, and during that period met Kenny Kramer, who later became the prototype of the character Cosmo Kramer in the TV series ‘Seinfeld’. From 1980 to 1982, David wrote the script for ‘Fridays’ on ABC, and then from 1984 to 1985 for the Comedy show ‘Saturday night live’ on channel SNL. In those days, David was able to write only odnomu etude for each show; the rooms are written out at the end of the transmission. In the middle season of the show David left the channel SNL, but after a couple of days back at work like nothing happened. This situation formed the basis of one of the episodes of ‘Seinfeld’ called ‘Revenge’ (The Revenge).
Early in his stage career, David became acquainted with the future stars of ‘Seinfeld’: he worked with Michael Richards (who played Kramer) in ‘Friday’ and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine), when he wrote scripts for channel SNL.
In October 1999, HBO has provided a full hour in the air – ‘Larry David: Curb your enthusiasm’, dedicated to the release of the new series David. The first series of his new project aired 15 October 2000.
Many of the themes in the new series was taken from the good old ‘Seinfeld’. A new series was absolute improvisation, the actors received not full texts, but only brief notes about what should happen in their scenes and how they play. Also David told us a bit about the character, the prototype of which was himself. According to David, this is (what is his character) he would, if in real life he lacked communication and emotion. Antisocial behavior and misunderstandings invented by Larry, in fact, became the basis of a sitcom, with the result that even an expression ‘the time Larry David’, which means creating an awkward and stupid situation.
Actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jason Alexander appeared in several episodes throughout the six seasons of the show, and Jerry Seinfeld played a cameo role. In the seventh season of the series on the site met the entire cast of ‘Seinfeld’, including Michael Richards.
In October 2009, one series of the show ‘Curb your enthusiasm’ has been criticized by the President of the Catholic League, bill Donohue. Donohue remarked to David that he ‘better not to leave the stage’. And this is evidence that the best years and the work of comic behind.
In 2003 David received the award ‘Golden globe’ in the nomination ‘Best acting in a television series – musical or Comedy’ for his work in the show ‘Curb your enthusiasm’. Larry was nominated in this same category in 2005 and 2006. In 2006, colleagues – comedians – was awarded to David 23rd place in the list of the fifty greatest comedians. In the same year David received the award ‘Emmy’.

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