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Prior to acting career, Lara worked as a model, while in 1999 did not pass the audition for the drama film Tim Roth ‘War Zone’, filmed on the novel by Alexander Stuart.
Lara Belmont – British actress, best known for his role as Jesse in the drama film ‘War Zone’. She was born in 1980 in Oxford, UK.
Prior to acting career, Lara worked as a model, while in 1999 did not pass the audition for the drama film Tim Roth ‘War Zone’, filmed on the novel by Alexander Stuart. In this debut directorial effort Rota, with Ray Winstone, Tilda Swinton, Colin Farrell and Freddie Cunliffe starring Lara played a 18-year-old girl who has a secret sexual relationship with her father. After reaching the screen the film received nine awards from 10 nominations. In particular, it was noted and the game Lara. She was nominated for “British independent kinopriz ‘as’ aspiring actress’.
In 2000, Lara has played in the television drama of Ken Loach’s “Bread and Roses’. The film reveals all aspects of illegal immigrants in the United States and shows the acute social problems in the country because of the constant influx of illegal immigrants.
Two years later, in 2002, the Belmont again appeared on the screens, playing leading roles in four projects: a drama ‘Ashes and Sand’, a horror film ‘long dead: Revenge of gin’ drama ‘Exchange’ and the crime drama “Crime and Punishment ‘.
In the drama of Bob Blagden ‘Ashes and Sand’ Lara starred Neil, also in the film starring Nick Moran and Victoria Skarbobo. In the mystical horror film Marcus Adams ‘long dead: Revenge of gin’ Lara played the role of a student by the name Stella. Also starring in the film Joe Ebsolom, Lukas Haas, Melanie Gattridzh and Alec Newman. The film tells the story of how a group of British students decided to call the spirits of boredom. But seance suddenly turned reality into a bloodbath, now all parties should focus on one thing – how to survive.
In a television thriller David Drury ‘Exchange’ Lara played nineteen Lisa Forester, daughter overly caring parents, played by Michael Maloney and Jemma Redgrave. The screen adaptation of the classic novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky “Crime and Punishment ‘Lara starred Sonia Marmeladov.
In 2003, Belmont played the role of Sofia in the Spanish comedy Piers Ashworth ‘Oh Marbella! “, The film also stars Rick Maya, Tom Bell and Mike Reid. In the same year, Lara performed a variety of roles in television projects: ‘Kill Hitler’ – a documentary drama about the operation of 1944, ‘Foxley’ and the historical drama ‘Henry VIII’, dedicated to the tumultuous reign of cruel king of England. In the drama ‘Henry VIII’ Lara played the role of the younger sister of the King, Mary Tudor.
In 2004, Belmont played the role of Helen Ward in the British police series ‘Bill’. She played the role for two episodes, but decided to return to the big screen, and in 2005 starred in the short film ‘Take Me Back’.
In 2007, Lara received a role in the crime drama Karen Julian Gilbey ‘Climbing infantryman’. The film is based on the biography of Carlton Leach, a former football hooligan, who later became a powerful figure in the British underworld. The film was met with negative reviews from critics, but became popular with the British public.
The following year, Lara starred in two short films Rob Brown – ‘Open Skies’ and ‘Echoes’.
In 2009, screens out the Irish drama Anthony Byrne ‘Wild Desembers’, where the Belmont played a major role, together with Owen McDonnell, Matt Ryan and Hugh O`Konorom.

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