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New Discovery 5 (pictured) designed based on the older brother Range Rover, which promises a lot of extra bonuses, previously unavailable for this model. First of all, the new Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 and complete price certainly win, because the use of a unified chassis will reduce the cost of development. Plus, the fact that the use of premium car platform allows painless to introduce a higher level of equipment. In fact, in the fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery 2017 model year the price will be lower, and levels of luxury, comfort and performance will be similar to the flagship Range Rover. For new items this situation is quite natural, while the old Range, available for 5 years, will come to a new stage of development only after the release of the next-generation model. At the legendary crossover Land Rover Discovery 5 (photo) release date on 28 September this year.
Another positive aspect is necessary to recognize the emergence in the technical data 4-cylinder turbo engines a new family of Ingenium. As a result, the price Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 for the base configuration with a 180-horsepower diesel engine will meet the cost of the previous generation model with a diesel engine V6 power of 211 forces. At the same time a decrease in the initial version of power do not worry. The modular aluminum platform will reduce the curb weight of 480 kg, which means maintaining the same accelerating dynamics at tangible improvements economy. By the way, 4-cylinder diesel family Ingenium, boosted to 240 forces, already installed on the Range Rover Sport, so that the question of lowering the status of Discovery 5 does not go, the more that the V6 engines will continue to be in the technical specifications of the legendary off-road.
Already in the price of the initial assembly Land Rover Discovery 2017 will include leather upholstery, and the level of standard equipment is quite wide. The list of equipment includes: multi-zone climate control, branded audio system with MP3, heated seats and electric mirrors, fog lights and xenon headlights, LED running lights, cruise control, parking sensors, automatic handbrake and aluminum rims. For off-road features of the model in a new body responsible: adjustable ground clearance, differential locks and a reduction gear (Splitter) and security provided by the 8th pillows and a multi-mode system with the optional off-road stabilization algorithm.
The main acquisition in picking the new Discovery is a multimedia complex InControl Touch Pro with a touch screen of 10.2 inches, equipped with collision avoidance functions and keeping an eye on traffic signs and driver fatigue. As before, the extra charge to the price Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 an extensive range of custom-built equipment will be offered. From this list, you can select: the glass panoramic roof with a sunroof, electric seat adjustment, adaptive head lights, a rearview camera, a navigation system, adaptive cruise control, audio system premium standalone preheater, rain sensors, lights and tire pressure, heated steering wheel, and the blind zone control system.
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The official debut and the release date of the new Land Rover Discovery 5 held on September 28 this year, the eve of the opening of the International Motor Show in Paris. At the presentation of the SUV were read its main technical characteristics and the estimated cost of the initial version.
Despite the fact that the new Land Rover Discovery 5 (photo) is created on the flagship model, the prototype design is more dynamic Land Rover Discovery Sport. Such a step is valid for the separation and preservation of family similarities between Land and Range Rovers in a single group, otherwise all the models would represent a large-scale copies of each other. Judging by the photos Land Rover Discovery in May 2017, the new product really has a similar silhouette to the Sport model. However, the difference lies not only in the larger sizes. On the roof of the new body can be seen Disco firm step, as in the classic model of the British company. In addition, the photos demonstrate greater courage and brutality, the prisoners in the contours of the wheel arches, grille, headlights and bumpers. The same can be said about the interior of the new items.
Despite the fact that the technical characteristics of the Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 there will be a 4-cylinder diesel and petrol engines a new family of power Ingenium 180-240 forces, traditional 3-liter V6 engines, too, will remain in service. At present, the diesel version of the power unit delivers up to 292 hp, while the petrol version – 340 forces. In addition, shortly after the announcement of the complete sets and prices Discovery 5 in the light should go out two additional special version. Specifications version SVX focused on overcoming the heavy off-road version of the SVR and is charged modification for fans of active driving. Transmission of the new Land Rover in its design reproduces the flagship range, with 2-speed transfer case, locking differentials and 8-band automatic transmission.
Compared to its predecessor, the new dimensions make Discovery 4970 (141) x 1970 (55) x 1846 (-41) mm. The wheelbase is increased to 2923 (38) mm. Now specifications report 220 (11) mm clearance with spring suspension and 283 (43) mm in the presence of pneumatic components, which will certainly increase the price Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 in the eyes of avid explorers terrain. The limit fording depth increased to 900 (200) mm, and the ride height adjustment range for the air suspension – up to 135 (30) mm. At the 249-strong diesel version in a new body to disperse hundreds of 8,1 (1,2) seconds, average fuel consumption – 7.2 (-1.6) liters per 100 km. Indicators petrol version (340 hp) is now equal to 7.1 (-1.0) and 10.9 seconds (-1.1) liters respectively.
Reviews owners
Due to the fact that the cars of Land Rover are not buying on the calculation, and heart, in review, the owners, as a rule, at least negative. However, if you approach it objectively, the characteristics of multimedia systems rightly deserve criticism for outdated interface, graphics and performance. Reviews owners Land Rover Discovery has also repeatedly pointed to the existing problem. That is why the development model of the 5th generation of the maximum attention was paid to the new multimedia system InControl Touch Pro with 10.2-inch screen, devoid of these shortcomings. Build Quality Land Rover Discovery in May 2017 model year will also be tightened up to the highest standards to compete with the German counterparts of premium brands

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