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Birthday: 6/21/1986, the
Place of birth: New York, USA
Citizenship: United States

American singer and songwriter. It describes itself as ‘Nancy Sinatra-style gangsta’; more likely to have influenced her style of Britney Spears (Britney Spears), Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley) and Kurt Cobain (Kurt Cobain).

Grant was born in New York (New York City), has grown – in Lake Placid, NY (Lake Placid, New York). Her father, Rob Grant (Rob Grant), the network has been an investor; it was he who kept Elizabeth at the beginning of her career. Higher Education Grant received within the walls of New York’s Fordham University (Fordham University). Already in Elizabeth University came up with a nickname – the phrase ‘Lana Del Rey’ reminiscent of the Cuban shores.
The first disc girls, consisting of three tracks ‘Kill Kill’, was released in October of 2008; the record the singer released under the name ‘Lizzy Grant’ (Lizzy Grant). The first studio album Elizabeth released under the name ‘Lana Del Ray aka Lizzy Grant’; Sales, he appeared in January of 2010. Grant worked with the independent label; it produced David Kahn (David Kahne). Once the right to record belonged to the label ‘5 Points’; Elizabeth subsequently bought the rights to the record.
In June of 2011, Del Rey signed a contract with ‘Stranger Records’; under that label Lana released her debut single ‘Video Games’. In October of 2011, Elizabeth has signed a new contract – with the ‘Interscope Records’ and ‘Polydor’.
October 24, 2011 th it was announced that Del Rey won ‘Q award’ in the category ‘Next Big Thing’. September 27, 2011 the first song ‘Video Games’ sounded in the television series ‘Ringer’; thanks in part to this advertisement Lana significantly expanded its army of fans. Del Ray, meanwhile, continued to promote his album, actively performing concerts; among other things, fate brought her even on the show MTV ‘Push’. Critics noted that Del Rey sometimes too nervous during performances; however, in those moments, when Elizabeth still going with the forces, her voice took on a highly impressive energy. Del Rey played in the British, Dutch and American television programs.
Debut album Lana Del Rey is scheduled for January of 2012. In an interview, Elizabeth admitted that the album will be called ‘Born to Die’. The album really came at the appointed time – January 27, 2012-the first in Ireland (Ireland), 30 January 2012-th in the UK (United Kingdom) and 31 January 2012 to all over the world.
January 14, 2012 the first Del Rey spoke with two of his songs for the show ‘Saturday Night Live’; the audience took it as a whole is quite warm, but the critics and masses of spectators reacted to Lana with far more skepticism. Later, TV presenter Brian Williams (Brian Williams) called the performance Del Rey one of the worst shows in the history of the program; however, there were Lana and defenders – including the famous actor Daniel Radcliffe (Daniel Radcliffe).
The second single – ‘Born To Die’ – released December 30, 2011-th. The video for the song appeared two weeks earlier, December 14 of 2011; idea for Del Rey has established itself, while the director has taken over Yoann Lemoine (Yoann Lemoine).
In January 2012, the Del Rey announced that bought the rights to their first album – ‘Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant ‘; in the summer of 2012, the album will be reissued under the label ‘Interscope Records’ and ‘Polydor’. January 4, 2012-th it became known that Elizabeth has signed a contract with a modeling agency ‘NEXT Model Management’

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