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Laetitia Casta – National symbol craves creativity There is probably a mannequin that is not wanted to be an actress. The desire in general, of course: the work in the cinema less monotonous than walking on the catwalk, and an order of magnitude more prestigious. Although when it comes to top-models, a matter of prestige seem far-fetched.
Frenchwoman Laetitia Casta, earned in the modeling business more than $ 4 million and appeared on the cover of almost all the world of fashion magazines, dreams of being an actress. Perhaps the impetus served as an invitation to pose for a bust of Marianne – the national symbol of France. This honor awarded woman who combined beauty with talent, or at least fits the idea of a modern Frenchwoman. Among them were Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Mireille Mathieu. Election of the mannequins on the role of Marianne – not nonsense: the path trodden Ines de la Fressange, Lagerfeld favorite, with which he did not fail to quarrel immediately after the appearance of its image in the Phrygian cap. Any girl would be in place Letitia thought – whether to stay on the podium, if you have become a national symbol? Besides modeling century is short and successful career as an actress is not an example longer. Prior to retirement 23-year-old Leticia still oh how far, but the concern for the future is laudable in any age. In addition, the girl since childhood differed prudence.
Laetitia Maria Laura Casta (Laetitia Maria Laure Casta) was born May 11, 1978 in Pont-Audemars and spent her childhood in the quiet village of Normandy (France). Up to 10 years old girl grew up in a simple and natural setting, communicating with only a few neighbors and his own family (in Leticia has a brother and sister). Corsican father tried to instill Leticia understanding of values such as loyalty to family, friends, independence and rebellious spirit. Nodevochka was dreamy and scattered, and as a teenager became a little stubborn and insecure. The ground for doubt as to the usefulness of their own was rich: the teacher told her that she was not as smart as her brother, besides Letizia beginning to develop physically earlier than peers. Belle herself is not considered, and the boys watched only from afar. Modesty Leticia against the opposite sex will be later admired the French press: the top model was not interested in the rich playboy, young people preferring more modest.
When Letizia turned 15, everything fell into place. Girl and her entourage looked at her unusual appearance with different eyes. During a trip to Corsica she was awarded the title of “Miss Lumio” (Lumio – a small Corsican village, where her father was born). And a few days later the girl approached photographer and agent famous Parisian modeling agency Madison Models. They noticed Laetitia on the beach and were fascinated by her beauty and grace. Father, whom they asked for permission to make a few test shots, he was not sure that it is not charlatans in front of him. But he managed to convince, and Letizia came to the agency in the shooting. Participating in testing agency founder Vincent Peter immediately recognized the potential prude Letizia, arrived in the usual jeans and no makeup. Peter immediately took Laetitia to Odile Sarron, the casting director zhuranala French Elle. A few weeks later, Laetitia appeared in Italian Glamour magazine, and from that moment began its meteoric rise.
Leticia has appeared on the covers of Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Sports illustrated, and many other publications. In 1998, it recognized the model year. The girl involved in the advertising of such famous brands as Guess ?, Victoria “s Secret, L’Oreal, Yves Saint Laurent (spirits” Baby Doll “), Chanel (perfume” Allure “), Ralph Lauren, Givenchy (spirits” Fleur d ‘ interdit “). campaign GUESS? was the first step. And Letitia shot in 1999 for the Pirelli calendar has assigned to it the status of a top model. This calendar, published by the company for the production of Pirelli tires is very limited edition, has become a legend thanks to highly artistic sexy photos. A issue 1999 found almost the best of all.
In Leticia, the French to the core, have a very warm relationship with another Frenchman of fashion – Yves Saint Laurent. At the show in honor of the 40th anniversary of the designer’s creativity has been demonstrated magnificent wedding dress, the creation of which the designer was inspired by the beauty of Laetitia. Later, she became the face of the new smell of Yves Saint Laurent “Baby Doll”, who had a great success. Their unusual friendship turned into a refined form of cooperation: Yves Saint Laurent decided to build toilets for all public appearances Leticia. Such an honor awarded actress Catherine Deneuve and Jeanne Moreau – perhaps this fact pushed the model to leave the cinema.
In 1999 Laetitia played in her first feature film “Asterix and Obelix”. Her role Gallic beauty was not important in the film – but the picture was the most expensive in the history of French cinema. It Falbalu was in love with the hero Gerard Depardieu, and the presence in the film of this actor guaranteeing the public’s attention. However, the most part of Leticia in the film was to be unwound as the press and clearly benefited from the box office. But her performance in the TV movie “Blue Bike” has remained almost unnoticed, although there was her role quite complicated and deep.
And in the autumn of last year in an interview with Le Figaro top model admitted that the movie for her – not a hobby, but the main passion. “With the fashion show is over, although I have to fulfill my contract,” – said the model. Had practiced in full: after some time, after the interview, Letizia appeared semi-nude for billboards jewelry site. The beauty of the model emphasizes the network of the diamonds, which she confused as in the web. However, the advertising campaign was accompanied by a scandal. First, “Architectural Digest” magazine refused to publish the original version, and had to add a few extra diamond to cover the naked charms. Soon the company, which owns a huge billboard on the famous New York Times Square, considered advertising “too sexy.” It banned on several streets, as well as in Miami and Los Angeles. Leticia guilt here, of course, no. But she certainly did not carry the scandals: a little before Cannes was canceled fashion show Victoria company lingerie “s Secret show was planned as part of the action.” Cinema Against AIDS “and participate in the agreed addition Laetitia Casta Stephanie Seymour, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum , Daniela Pestova, and Eva Herzigova. the organizers of the Cannes Film Festival justified the ban by the fact that Victoria “s Secret lingerie can not be bought in the French stores. A festival representative added: “Someone is trying to use the festival to achieve their business goals, unrelated to the world of cinema.”
All these troubles caused only sympathetic to Leticia. But one day, “the former” top model and aspiring actress was seriously condemned. It was caused by the decision of women to leave France and settle in London. It is no secret that taxes in France are great, and London is now recognized as the Mecca of fashion. Although Leticia did not speak directly about his move, rumors spread with tremendous speed. The French public, whose favorite Letitia was for a long time, did not hide his disappointment. The French interior minister even said that the decision to move will be costly for this young lady, saying that real estate prices in London are significantly higher rents and twice French. But Letizia came to the defense of their freedom from an unexpected judgment for her age. In an interview with the British newspaper Daily Mail, she said, “I do not understand why Marianne, symbol of freedom, can not move abroad I see his trip as a way of advertising in France abroad.”. By advertising your own person Mademoiselle Casta came no less original: launched its own website, where you can learn the latest news about her life, see pictures, check out the interview to join the fan club and even sometimes talk to her for a chat.
Starring in her first film, Letizia carried out a childhood dream. And if we assume that all the successes of man out of the enthusiasm of childhood, then the top model in front of all: she wanted to be a teacher and has, veterinarian, stewardess and singer.

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