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Kurt Vogel Russell
Born March 17, 1951 (65 years old)
Place of birth Springfield, Massachusetts, USA
Height 180 cm
Biography of Kurt Russell
Theatrical talent went to Kurt inherited – his father was also an actor Bing. However, in childhood, the boy does not dream of a career in the enchanting world of cinema and wanted to become a professional baseball player.
Nevertheless, c 1960, when Kurt was only 9 years old, he began his career in film. He even managed to get a contract with Walt Disney for ten years. Even at such a young age, Russell was a real star. The most famous picture with the actor in this period was the comedy “Die-hard professor.”
Despite this success, the dream of sport and not left Kurt. After high school, he went to serve in the National Guard, and returning from there, he decided to seriously pursue a career baseball. Two years Russell played “California Angels” team, but after a serious injury to the young man once again had to return to the world of cinema.
Star Trek actor
For fifteen years, the actor’s career is practically stood still. He has appeared in minor roles in the success and failures in projects. The turning point in the fate of Kurt Russell occurred only in 1979, when the display shows the painting “Elvis” with Kurt in the lead role. Finally, the true talent of the actor was discovered and appreciated by both viewers and film critics. The role gave Russell is not only a welcome recognition, but also a nomination for the prestigious “Emmy.”
The role of Elvis became fateful for Kurt, it was after her, he began appearing in leading roles in highly successful films such as “Escape from New York”, “Something”, “Big Trouble in Little China”, “Escape from LA “” Tequila sunrise, “and others. For his role in the film “Silkwood” Russell was nominated for the “Golden Globe” and the picture of “Crash” earned him a nomination for the award “My favorite actor blockbuster.” Currently Kurt Russell continues his career, from his latest work can be called “Poseidon,” “Track 60,” “Death Proof.”
Life Kurt Vogel Russell
Since 1983, Kurt Russell is living in a civil marriage with a famous American actress Goldie Hawn.
Kurt and Goldie are familiar with the age of sixteen. “Overboard” And in 1987 came together in love on the set as the leading roles in the family comedy performers.
In 1986, at the happy lovers she had a son Uayett.
Goldie’s daughter from his first marriage, Kate Hudson, also well-known actress, is warm friendly with Kurt and practically refers to it as the native father.

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