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For a start – a mass-dimensional characteristics of the KTM X-Bow. The car’s weight does not exceed 870 kg, the front and rear track length equal to 162.2 and 164.4 cm, respectively. The length of the car from the Austrian manufacturer stretched by 367 centimeters, height is 116 cm With a relatively modest altitude sports car is very wide -. 187 cm.
Outside KTM X-Bow is somewhat similar to a transformer, which had been standing on the iron legs and then collapsed on the road as a racing car. Among the main colors prevail black and orange. Casings are full-size, are 17 and 18 inches, respectively. Compared to other peers, especially Ariel Atom, «Austrian» looks very modern and accurate unlike home-made garage.
Enough bright car coloring untouched interior. It is dominated by aged gray color. Traditionally, we see a small but hypermobility wheel with a mass of buttons, convenient lever box, board computer, improved seat belts. Salon is designed for two people – probably that alone was not afraid to fly at high speeds.
Audi … turbo turbo Audi … This phrase I want to repeat again and again. Not least because that is already this fact suggests that the KTM X-Bow should not go, and fly through the izezzhennoy European roads. So there is – high-spirited nature of the sports car resulted in 240 hp and 310 Nm and acceleration up to hundreds in just 3.9 seconds.
With regard to the maximum speed, there are also at all – can be expected at 230 km / h. The only thing missing cars than its competitors – installed power. As he tried KTM X-Bow to conquer the track, but the rivals were faster.
By the way, due to problems with the most installed power, the KTM management decided to release three versions of KTM X-Bow – R versions Street and Race, RR and X-Bow GT. Sales R version launched in Europe in 2011. The power unit is finalized so that the engine could give 300 horsepower at 400 Nm.
The center of gravity decreased by 1.5 cm, which positively affected the handling. If the basic version cost 40 000 euros, for the KTM X-Bow R has requested 58,795 euros. Version R and RR is not much different, but presented in 2013 in Geneva, has acquired GT side and windshield, six-speed gearbox, the engine V4 and capacity of 420 Nm.
Futuristic “Austrian” received good reviews and the approval of the racers Schumacher. This indicates that the machine has a hard right to exist – it is in demand and found the place in the market. Nürburgring version of the KTM X-Bow RR passed for 7:25:72, udelat even a Ferrari 458 and a Porsche 911 GT3 RS. Draw conclusions, gentlemen!

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