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Biography Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart, James (1990) – American actress, winner of awards MTV Movie Awards, BAFTA, played in the film “Twilight”, as well as in the films “Panic Room,” “In the Land of Women.”
Kristen Stewart was born in Los Angeles, April 9, 1990. Kristen’s father was a television producer, director of many programs on Fox.

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart is no acting education she brilliantly played in more than 20 films, showing himself as a first-rate actress.

We can say that the acting career of Kristen Stewart’s biography began at the age of 8 years. Then she played the role of a small Christmas setting at the school. The first role of Kristen in the movie was also small: she played in the film «The Thirteenth Year», which did not require any words from her. The following films were. “The Thirteenth Year”, “The Safety of Objects”

In 2002, Stewart starred in the movie “Panic Room.” Initially it planned to take the role of Hayden Penetteri, but still it was Kristen Stewart has been selected. After playing with a whole galaxy of these stars, Kristen has proved no worse, and was nominated in 2003 for the prize “Young Artist”. Critics praised the game of the young actress, and Kristen career thrived.

Then she played the role in “Cold Creek Manor” movie, “Catch That Kid,” “Undercurrent”. It is worth noting the role of Kristen in the movie “Speak” (2004). Actress skillfully cope with the complex nature of her character and difficult scenario. In 2005, Stewart starred in the films “Zathura,” “Fierce People”.

The film “In the Land of Women” (2007) received mixed reviews. In the same year released independent film “The Cake Eaters”, which has been shown at film festivals and did not come out in a big rental.

In 2008 shootings in the “Twilight” film in the biography of Kristen Stewart. The role of Bella Swan, vampire girlfriend (played by Robert Pattinson), Kristen has brought a lot of popularity. And with it – MTV Movie Award for Best Female execution. Then Kristen starred in the sequel “Twilight” (based on the books by Stephenie Meyer) – “New Moon”. So the actress was awarded BAFTA award as a “rising star” and was awarded the prize “Best Kiss.” Kristen starred in the next part of the saga – “Eclipse”. Kristen Stewart on the photo does not look exactly like Bella. The girl had to wear contact lenses to change eye color. And besides Kristen wears a wig that her appearance corresponded to the image that is created by Stephenie Meyer.

A few interesting facts: Height Kristen Stewart is 1.68 m, according to the description of Bella Meyer height – 1.64 m heroine straight, dark, long hair and brown eyes, ivory skin..

In 2008, Stewart starred in the film “What Just Happened”, and in 2009 – in the film “Adventureland”. Among the other films with the actress: “Welcome to the Rileys” (2010), “K-11” (2010), «The Runaways» (2010).

A few years (2004 and 2009) Kristen met with Michael Angarano, and after the filming of “twilight” broke up with him. However, it confirmed that met with Robert Pattinson, despite the fact that the public is often attributed to their relationship.


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