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Miniature animal called the koala lives in Australia, next to the kangaroo and not far from the residence of the Tasmanian devil. He also has another name – the koala is probably due to some similarities with a polar bear. But in fact this little animal is not related to the bearish old.
If you look in the dictionary of the Australian Aborigines, it turns out that “koala” means “do not drink.” And he did, unlike most other animals, does not go to drink. The source of water for him to serve as eucalyptus leaves – they give him the right amount of liquid, and this does not need to descend from the tree to the ground. Yes koala not particularly strained, it slowly eats leaves from the branches and in total can eat almost a kilogram of green mass.
Excellent sense of smell helps the panda to avoid the danger – he never eats eucalyptus leaf, in which there is a lethal dose of poison – cyanide. The poison accumulates in the leaves of eucalyptus gradually and many animals do not notice it. He just go in search of the eucalyptus tree that eats eucalyptus sedobno.Koala
Koala sizes are slightly different from each other. It all depends on what kind of small animal lives in the area. In Victoria, dominated by large marsupials bears, and once in Queensland, met with small, we can say tiny koalas, similar to what the wombat. Koala can weigh as five kilograms, and all 16, and the average length of an adult animal reaches 80 cm.
Koala lives mostly in trees, down to earth quite rare. Nature took care of that small animal was conveniently kept on the branches. Lapa is arranged so that the fingers – thumb and forefinger, opposed the others, which allows it to reliably catch on vetku.Lapy koalas
Bear Marsupial animal is gregarious, prefers solitude. Only when it comes time to think about posterity koalas are beginning to gather in groups. Typically, the mating season begins in October and lasts till February. The female bears cub little over a month, more often born a small animal, weighing no more than five grams, and the length of two centimeters. Birthdays koala twins phenomenon redkoe.Vzroslaya koala with cub
Almost half a year is inextricably baby with her mother, living in her bag and feeding it milk. And then there is a “relocation” on her back, where the next six months.
Koala never presents itself with loud cries, and only during the mating season conscription voices heard animals. Just pass the male love is very difficult to chant. Eyewitnesses and compare it with snoring drunk, and angry grunting pigs, and with creaking rusty hinges … but females such sounds seem nice and they have a positive deystvie.Koala with child
Quite different in the case of a koala shouts of fear or injury – it seems that the child is crying. But what if nature endowed animals is so vocal.
Life koalas generally takes place in a state of sleep – almost 20 hours, and in the remaining time they indulge in the absorption of food.
Lifespan koalas averages 12-13 years, although there are also long-lived – 20 years. Few of them survive to old age – various diseases reduce the already long life is not animal. Although the nature of the enemy they have little, we can say they do not, well, except that occasionally fall into the teeth of feral sobakam.Koala sleeps 20 hours a day
Today koalas breed good, although more recently there were unfavorable to their periods. But in time the measures have not given to destroy this unique animal.

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