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Biography KISS
The rock band KISS was founded in 1972 by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, who called the group of Peter criss and ACE Frehley. After their second show in Manhattan in 1973, producer bill Aucoin offered young people the cooperation. During the first year of work with the Studio Casablanca Records, the band released three albums, had no particular commercial success. But in the summer of 1975 they released their live album Alive, which opened the way for them to fame. The group has gained incredible popularity due to their live show. Their performances were notable for their bright scenic images, rich use of pyrotechnics and, in fact, the musical material. It was a simple but highly effective rock. The idea of the makeover was proposed by Peter Criss and found the other members of KISS with unanimous approval. Extravagant appearance and demeanor on stage coupled with performing skills are key to the success of the young team. Thanks to the concerts of KISS got a huge army of fans. Debut live album Alive became their first platinum album in the United States.
The next KISS album, Destroyer (1976), also had high sales. Then was released the album Rock’n’roll Over (1976) Love Gun (1977) and Alive II (1977), each of which went platinum. The peak of popularity of KISS occurred in the period from 1976 to 1978. After the release of Alive II is simultaneously released four solo album each of the band members. Thus, the musicians were hoping to climb to new levels of popularity. With the same purpose, they starred in the fantasy film, where played themselves. But neither the solo nor the members of KISS kinodeyateley the desired result is not brought. The group began to lose their positions. Soon in its composition there was the first change. The place of Peter criss took Eric Carr. Recorded by the new lineup, the album Music From The Elder (1981) presented a radical departure from traditional KISS music and included several ballads, an orchestra and a choir. However, this work did not pay much attention to themselves. A year later came a new album – Creatures Of The Night. Her audience was better than its predecessor, but to the best works of her KISS was far away. Soon the group on the background of musical differences left Frehley.
To change the unfavorable situation, the group changed its image. In 1983, the band appeared on MTV without makeup for the first time in 10 years of existence of collective. In 1991, KISS suffered a misfortune. Eric Carr died of cancer at the age of 41 years. The place at the drums took Eric singer. Album Revenge, released in 1992, re-entered the top ten in the United States. For a long time the group changes until in 1996 there was announced long-awaited restoration of the original team. However, the returning operation of Frehley and criss, made a minimal contribution to the album 1998 Psycho-Circus, occupying the first positions in the charts of the United States. Drums and lead guitar for the album were recorded by session musicians team. But the fact of the reunion of the old group is guaranteed to record excellent sales. In the new Millennium KISS continued to delight its fans with a fiery show. Announcements about new performances were often accompanied by statements about the next departure from the team of one of its members, but the team was not going to disintegrate. KISS continue to provide exciting concerts and release a DVD with their best performances and interviews. So, in 2009, the rockers have released a much-anticipated new album Sonic Boom (Deluxe Edition). A year later, KISS fans fresh live album Kiss Sonic Boom Over Europe (2010). The disc contains not only songs from recently released LP Sonic Boom, but became a classic song, so popular with lovers of drive and rock-n-roll. Excellent selection and energy show of the legendary KISS were the main components of creating a great live album that can decorate a collection of any music lover.

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