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King salmon

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Parameters and taste chinook – the largest representative of the salmon – are renowned throughout the world. Catch the fish dreams of every fisherman. No wonder Americans awarded her the title of “king-salmon”, as the Japanese delight styled her “prince salmon”
Chinook is the largest fish of the Pacific salmon. Its average length is 90 cm, but in American waters occurs chinook with growth of 1.5 m. The case of catching a giant fishes weighing more than 61 kg.
Through the American coast the water “titanium” lives from southern California to the Gulf of Kotzebue, including the Aleutian Islands and the Coppermine River in the Arctic. A large number of chinook found in the Sacramento River, and rivers in Washington and British Columbia. This fish is found in Asian waters: the northern Hokkaido, the Commander Islands, Kamchatka, in the Amur and the Anadyr.
Chinook – a prominent and rapid torpedo fish with a strong body and a large head. At sea, its color is not bright: dark back with an olive-greenish tint, silvery belly and flanks, where just above the lateral line little dark spot are visible. The head of the body separates the characteristic dark stripe. Like other relatives of rock salmon, chinook salmon acquires a special marriage “outfit”: during the spawning season of fish body becomes red-brown, and her back – black. Smaller young chinook coho outwardly similar to, but it is easily distinguished by black gums in the lower jaw and small dark spot on the caudal fin and back.
This representative of the salmon is considered not only the largest in its breed, but also the most freshwater fish of the North-eastern region. King salmon, caught in Kamchatka, weighs an average of 6-17 kg, and its growth varies from 75-105 cm. However, there is a dwarf species of this fish, it reaches sexual maturity at the age of 2 years, with a slight growth of 10-47 cm.
Meat chinook has a bright crimson-red color, it is quite fat (about 12%), and by their taste properties reminiscent of salmon. In general, the quality of the meat of “salmon-king” is valued far higher than the meat of his relatives. Especially delicious is considered chinook salted, which is used for salads, use as an independent cold snacks. From this red fish get a very tasty smoked salmon and a layer that is smoked fillets. A baked on hot bricks king salmon is served in many restaurants in California as the company places a dish.
Offered for sale can be purchased chilled or frozen, salted and smoked king salmon. Because it is easy to cook unusual fried and boiled foods. Salted and smoked king salmon consumed mainly as salmon (for sandwiches, salads), canned often served with mayonnaise (as an appetizer), and the salt is first soaked, then boiled and used as a snack.
The composition and useful properties chinook
The chemical composition of the fish is not constant: it varies depending on the age, habitat, sex and physiological condition of the fish. But, despite this, the meat is rich in chinook always valuable substances and products of protein and fat metabolism that contribute to the regulation of important life processes in the human body. For example, in meat “prince salmon” contains vitamins A, E, C, A, B and PP, trace elements (zinc, manganese, iron, selenium, copper) and macrocells (calcium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium). But the most useful in this fish are considered to be two acids: eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic. They reduce the likelihood of developing angina and protect blood vessels from atherosclerosis, support brain function, reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes, and heart rhythm disorders, and resist depression and senile dementia.
Many recent studies have warned that the real danger is that red fish that are grown on the farm. It contains ten times more toxic than wild salmon. Furthermore, the amount of harmful components in the increased fish with its age. Thus, during the life of many predatory fish meat, including Chinook, accumulates significant amounts of mercury. The greatest danger this substance poses to pregnant women because it can cause the development of fetal malformations. Therefore, buying fish such as king salmon, you should choose not the largest specimens.

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