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Full name Kesha (Kesha)
Born March 1, 1987 (29 years old)
Place of birth Los Angeles, USA
Height 169 cm
Weight 55 kg
Biography of singer Kesha
Now well-known and popular singer Kesha was born March 1, 1987 in Los Angeles. Her mother PIB Sebert was herself a singer and songwriter. PIB was not easy to combine a career and raising two children (Keshi has an older brother), whom she raised alone.
Due to financial difficulties Sebert with Kesha and her son in 1991, moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where she was able to conclude a contract for the songwriting. Keshi’s childhood is almost entirely held in a music studio, so it is not surprising that from an early age the girl knew what profession will choose in the future. While studying in school, Kesha went to music school and mastered the different directions in music. At 17, she dropped out and went to Los Angeles, where he began a stellar way to the singer.
Photos of the singer and a path to glory
Kesha’s musical career began with a rather amusing case. She dreamed that it was produced by the famous singer Prince. She bribed the gardener, snuck into the house of the star and its appearance interrupted rehearsal singer. Of course, the guards immediately thrown arrogant Kesha, but the disc with his songs the girl still managed to give to Prince.
During this period the life of the girl was very hard: she moonlighted as a waitress tried to record in the studio, working with different producers wrote songs for the TV series and other singers. In recognition of Keshi, she even had to steal cans in the shop.
Luck smiled after the girl drew the attention of producer Dr. Luke. Through his participation in the life of young singer in early 2009 Kesha has made the long-awaited success, after the popular single, Right Round exit, in which she participated.
In the same year he released their debut single, singer Tik tok, then Kesha became a musical star. The song topped the hit parade of the most influential, and she Kesha has become one of the most famous contemporary artists.
Kesha Style – a cross between electro-pop and pop-rock. Taking into account the originality and spontaneity of the girl, it is clear that the content of the songs and different large eccentricity. For example, she sings about how one day her sick in the closet, or the guy is cheating on her with a starlet. “I want my music was wild, noisy, humorous and interesting, – says KeSha – but that behind all this there was something more substantial. I want people to feel that my music can rely on. ”
In winter 2010 debut album called Animal Keshi and allowed the young singer loudly announce itself in the music world. That she was able to: her single Tik Tok it became one of 2010’s most successful songs of the year. Equally famous was another song from the first album Kesha – Your Love Is My Drug.
In 2012, the singer started to practice writing the second album. Up to this point her musical career continued to grow: Kesha is not only the audience their new compositions, but also collaborated with other artists, he created the singles along with them. She was able to work with such artists as Pitbull, Britney Spears and many others.
Life Kesha
Singer Kesha is enough “netusovochny” lifestyle, she rarely goes anywhere, and the first place in her life it takes work and creativity. She is very close with his mother PIB, they are often engaged in writing songs together. More Kesha believes in past lives and consider themselves clairvoyant.
As for relations with the opposite sex, true love of this wonderful and talented singer is yet to come. It is known that it has relationships with drummer Alex Karapetisom, but nothing serious in this novel did not work.
Kesha can not renounce in favor of the self-love of a man.

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