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Kerry Blue Terrier

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Breed Kerry Blue Terrier is the quintessence of some special working dog, which impresses with its many exotic species. According to this, some prefer to consider it as a decorative and bred in homes overseas as a decoration. She resigned to this new role, although not always accepts it willingly. What is the breed Kerry Blue Terrier and where there was in our area capricious beauty?
History of breed Kerry Blue Terrier
Unique dog Kerry Blue Terrier in our area came from the Irish county of Kerry, hence received abroad its grandiose name. At home, it is often called blue terrier for an unusual coat color, which has a pleasant light silver color, a characteristic only of the breed. Initially, the animal was used exclusively to deal with the fields of pests. Birds, small game this predator catches without much straining. Hunt them can on land, and drove into the water. For a long time the breed has remained secret and never met except Ireland.
Only in the 20th century, Kerry Blue Terrier has spread to Europe and from the working dog turned into decorative. She began to take to the event, but it was necessary to be well-groomed and comply with the standards imposed.
Outside dogs Kerry Blue Terrier
Kerry Blue tererVse in breed Kerry Blue Terrier has its own characteristics. His head dogs long, markedly elongated forward. But they recognize it is not only a form of the head, and by the presence of a real beard, which is decorated with a proud Irishman.
The dog has average size and an adult is 45 – 48 cm at the withers.
Extremely kind it is in her hair. The coat is very soft and thick. To the dog was a real beauty, and could participate in exhibitions, it is necessary to properly cut and comb.
The character of floods and the Kerry Blue Terrier
Sweet and affectionate dog Kerry Blue Terrier has the most gentle disposition, nature endowed with endless optimism and a huge zest for life. She has such a high charge of energy that is ready to play anywhere and is present in any place, but only close to the owner. To some this may seem very funny, but people employed will cause inconvenience. Puppies Kerry Blue Terrier, as, indeed, and adult dogs, would never want to be alone. They will never agree to live in the backyard, because the lack of attention to himself. These clever pets insist on to become full-fledged members of the family.
Another important trait Kerry Blue Terrier is its natural pride. As a true Irish it is very sensitive and prone to moodiness. We breed a strong sense of justice. She will not tolerate when it raised voice yelled. The dog will not allow itself to tease or something to blame. In order not to spoil the character of such a beautiful animal, it needs early socialization.
Features breed Kerry Blue Terrier
Not every breeder dare to bring into the house of Kerry, because he knows that some of the behaviors. A dog of this breed, like all terriers, extremely active. She loves to not only run, but also to jump, whimsical romp. Released her for a walk without a reason – so spoil yourself up and wait a long time until she deigns to come back, plenty quenching their instinctive need for movement.
In search of adventure Kerry Blue Terrier does not always go away over the fence. It costs nothing to jump over it. When the owners go to the trick and give it a high fence around the perimeter, the dog starts to get on the other side, making a dig under the fence. Do you want to have around such a miracle, a fence will have to build defensive fortifications, so she was not able to dig burrows.
Kerry Blue Terrier is always on guard, so it’s worth it to hear the strange sound, as she begins to bark, informing the owner of the trouble approaching. This is not to everyone’s taste. Especially unhappy neighbors can be, when the dog barks incessantly.
Caring for a dog breed Kerry Blue Terrier
Teach the dog to compulsory care it can only be a child. Scratching your hair with a soft comb sparse as not to cause pain or damage the skin. This procedure is also a good massage. In addition, the wool should be well comb, it is necessary also to comb the extremities special comb.
In the thick wool of dogs Kerry Blue Terrier fleas often infest, and after walking in the forest, you may receive a tick. All insects wool is better to remove the hands, being careful not to damage the skin. To insects are not settled in a thick coat of your favorite pet, you should take care of a special collar that will protect from insects.
On the skin of the dog sheets contain protective substances that can not be washed off. No shampoo, soap in the care of a dog can not be applied to the skin. When the detergent can dissolve the necessity of their use is intended for the care of breed Kerry Blue Terrier in water and then bathe the dog.
Not so easy to mow the Irish Blue Terrier. Can such a procedure to professionals, although good technique to master yourself, because this procedure is permanent. Before you spend trimming Kerry Blue Terrier, wool must be washed and dry. You can not be soaked beard and fringe.
With the house of the Irish terrier should not forget that his ears and his eyes, too, will have to be inspected regularly. In the eyes of puppies are wiped every day, as the edge of constantly seen release. With age, it must pass. ears Bonding occurs at age 3 – 6 months, and then they were formed to correct. Equally important sector work is also better to perform specialist.
Kerry Blue Terrier Attitude to children and to pets
Beautiful dog breed Kerry Blue Terrier, which can not live alone, is able to scare children. It is not going to offend them, but some gestures and habits of children for it are offensive. It can growl at a child when he was going to take her property. Often she herself takes rubber toys in children, but at the same time give no plans, thinking that the property has been transferred to it.
God forbid, inexperienced kid pulls her behind the ear or tail. Do not tolerate it, and the children’s affectation antics and may growl in response.
Though for adults dog is extremely kind and gentle, other animals ardent feelings of love, it does not detect. The house except it should not be one. Against smaller dogs it shows aggression and tries to dominate throughout, drove them away from the host. Even more difficult to live with her cats. It does not matter that it is the same member of the family, at any time, Kerry Blue Terrier may recall that she hunter, then the cat will have to escape from this neighbor. Never next to her will not survive decorative rabbits or hamsters. They simply will close for the extraction, organize a successful hunt and destroy. Therefore pass to make friends with other animals will be difficult.
Do you want to have a dog that is:
The medium-sized, athletic, agile
It has soft fibrous coat
Very clever, capable and ready to understand intuitively
It has a high level of energy and loves all sports activities
It can be a great guard
Kerry Blue Terrier will be the other, which is so dream!

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