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Kendall Schmidt’s biography
Kendall Schmidt is a well-known American actor and musician who has become popular after having appeared on the screen of the Big Time Rush youth series “Forward to Success!”. Participation in this project has become one of the most important events in the life of our today’s hero. Kendall became a real star. And so, a little bit to dig in his biography will not be overwhelming.

Early years, childhood and the family of Kendall Schmidt
Kendall Francis Schmidt was born on November 2, 1990 in Wichita, Kansas. Thus, our current hero became the youngest of three sons who were brought up in the family of Kent and Katie Schmidt. On the fatherly line, a talented young boy has German roots. However, we will leave the question of genealogy today aside.

When Kendall was still a child, the family moved to Andover, another town in Kansas. In this place, the future actor began attending a comprehensive school, and also for the first time admire creativity. In this regard, great importance in Kendall’s life played his older brothers, who decided early enough to choose the future profession and began to seriously engage in acting skills.

Kendall Schmidt is the star of the series

At first everything started just for the sake of fun. However, later Kendall realized that he could not live without the phrase “Motor!” And flashes of movie cameras. As the actor himself recalls, his creative career began with the advertisement of cornflakes, in which he starred with his brothers. It is noteworthy that the guys were listening separately from each other. But the directors still decided to bring them all together.

At the age of ten Kendall Schmidt was again forced to pack suitcases. His family moved to California. And here the actor began a new life.

In just a few years, he managed to appear in the advertising of a huge variety of products. Then he began to receive small roles in television series. His first role was played by the actor in 2001, appearing in one episode of the Frazier series.

After that, in the career of a young actor there appeared such series as “Gilmore Girls”, “Ambulance”, “C. S.I .: Miami “,” Without a Track “,” Phil of the Future, “as well as many other projects. It is remarkable that once in childhood our today’s hero even got acquainted with the famous director Stephen Spielberg. This event happened on Kendall’s birthday, and therefore the renowned master presented the young actor with a huge cake decorated with figures from “Star Wars.”

Film career and Kendall Schmidt stage, filmography
Subsequently, the actor’s career was no less successful. In 2008, our present hero participated as a voice recording artist in the work of creating the “Penguin Madagascar” cartoon. After that, there were some new screen roles that systematically led the actor to great success.

Kendall Schmidt – Big Time Rush In our teenage years, our today’s hero also began to be seriously involved with music. At first he mastered the guitar, and then began to play piano, drums and dance. The result was the appearance of an actor in the project “Lovers Make Liars”, to which Kendall joined nineteen years.

Together with the group named, the talented American guy recorded the album “Warped Tour”, which became quite popular. However, Schmidt subsequently left the band and began to engage in a musical project called “Heffron Drive,” where he spoke with his old friend Dustin Balto.

However, at a certain moment this collective has also appeared in the past. The reason for this was the successful listening to the Big Time Rush project, which launched the Nickelodeon youth channel in 2009. After the first episode, the story of the four guys who came to California to become famous actors, loved the spectators very much.

The first series of projects gathered an audience of seven million viewers, thus becoming one of the most successful projects of the entire TV channel.

Kendall Schmidt is also known as a singer

This series lasted on television for five years. During this period, the youth television project has gained a huge number of fans around the world. The CIS countries – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, where the series was broadcast on the same channel Nickelodeon, did not become an exception.

Subsequently, the screenshots also released a kind of continuation of their favorite project – “Big Time Christmas”, as well as a feature-length movie “Big Time Rush”, which tells the story of all the same familiar heroes.

Kendall Schmidt is currently
In parallel with the development of the series, the musical career of the same group was developing. In 2009, Kendall Schmidt, Logan Henderson, James Maslow, and Carlos Pina recorded several successful tracks that subsequently became the main themes of the entire TV series. In addition, already in 2010, the Big Time Rush group introduced its debut album “B. T. R. “, which instantly became very popular among the fans of the series.

Subsequently, the music team also recorded two more successful recordings that brought the popular boyz-banda a huge variety of awards.

Kendall Schmidt It is very remarkable that prizes and figurines of the guys from the Big Time Rush team were often received not only in the United States, but also in Mexico, Australia, Argentina and other countries. Thus, the group has gained international success and has become one of America’s most famous boyfriends.

Currently, Kendall Schmidt has been successfully working as a member of the Big Time Rush group, who plays concerts and takes part in the recording of new compositions. In addition, our current hero sometimes works as an actor, playing minor roles in youth shows.

In 2015, Kendall will take part in the soundtrack of the animated film “Big Migration”, whose scriptwriter is one of his brothers.

Kendall Schmidt’s personal life
In different years, Kendall was associated with various girls. The longest was his romance with a girl named Julie, with whom he was introduced by their joint friend Carlos Pina. However, the union subsequently collapsed. After that, Kendall confessed to the singer Pixie Lotte. But nothing is known about their novel.

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