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Ken Watanabe – Japanese actor nominee for “Oscar”, widely known for his role as General Kuribayashi in Clint Eastwood’s war drama “Letters from Iwo Jima,” the prince Katsumoto in the adventure drama Edward Zwick’s “The Last Samurai” false Ra’s Al Ghul in fi thriller Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins” and a wealthy businessman, Saito in the sci-fi thriller “Inception”, which was also made director Christopher Nolan).
Ken born October 21, 1959 in the city of Koyde. The boy’s mother taught in a school, and his father was a calligrapher. Parents often changed location, moving from one settlement to another. Childhood years spent in cities Ken Uonuma and Joetsu. In Niigata Prefecture, he enrolled in high school. While Watanabe main hobby was playing the trumpet. He is so good control tool that was in the school music club and regularly participated in concerts. In 1978, immediately after graduating from high school, Ken was going to enter the Conservatory of Music Musashino Academia Musicae, located in Tokyo, but these plans have remained unfulfilled. The reason was experienced by the father Watanabe attack, which did not allow him to continue working. The family lost the main breadwinner, and money for education was no more. Despite the inability to pay for education, Ken still had left his home and moved to Tokyo. He decided to start his acting career. Great success has been to Ken’s arrival to the troupe Yong. Having played several roles, the young actor was seen by critics. His game is interested in many of them. Already in 1982, Watanabe made his debut on television, where his first job was the role of the samurai in one of television projects. After just two years, Ken has played a role in his debut feature film Masahiro Shinoda’s “Children MacArthur.” In Japan, Watanabe became widely known thanks to the numerous images of samurai. In 1990, during the filming of an action movie Haruki Kadokawa “Heaven and Earth” Ken was put serious diagnosis – acute myeloid leukemia. The actor is undergoing chemotherapy, without giving up the filming process. In 1991 there was a relapse. Once health Watanabe went on the mend, he returned to the cinema. So, in 1998, he starred in the crime drama Kichitaro Negishi «Kizuna», for which he was nominated for the prestigious Academy of Cinematographic Japanese. In 2006, the award went to all the same to Ken. He won the award for best actor in a drama Yukihiko Tsutsumi “Memories of Tomorrow”, where his character was successful in everything Masayuki Saeki, who suddenly covered Alzheimer’s disease. First World fame came to Watanabe in 2003, the year saw the publication of a Hollywood adaptation of the novel by John Logan, “The Last Samurai”, where the actor played the role of Prince Katsumoto. The band was nominated for four “Oscar” and received numerous other prestigious awards. Ken’s partner in the set was Tom Cruise. After this success the actor has taken part in the work on the drama by Rob Marshall, “Memoirs of a Geisha,” created by best-selling Arthur Golden, sci-fi thriller Christopher Nolan’s “Batman Begins,” which became the first part of a new trilogy of the popular comic book, Bruce Wayne, sci-fi action movie this also directed “the Beginning”, which was based on the idea of lucid dreaming, as well as the film adaptation of the vampire saga Darren Sheng’s “the vampire”. In 2014, the year planned shooting the twenty-ninth of the Godzilla film, a role in which she performed Ken Watanabe.

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