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Birthday: 04.06.1956 year
Place of birth: new York, USA
Citizenship: United States
Original name: David Williams
Keith David Williams (better known simply as Keith David) is an American film and television actor. Among the most famous films with his participation – ‘the Clash’, ‘Requiem for a dream’, ‘Platoon’, ‘Princess Mononoke’, ‘the Chronicles of Riddick’ and ‘Something’. In addition, he was sounding movies and computer games.
Keith David was born in Harlem and in childhood, playing the Cowardly Lion in the school production ‘Wizard of Oz’, firmly decided that I would become an actor. Pursuant to the dreams after school, Keith entered the Manhattan School of Art (Manhattan’s School of Performing Arts).
In the years 1980-81, David honed his skills touring the country with the troupe ‘The Acting Company’ and speaking in Shakespeare’s ‘a Midsummer night’s Dream’ and also in ‘Waiting For Godot’ Samuel Beckett. And two years later the actor played in the legendary sci-Fi horror film ‘Thing’ with Kurt Russell began his long and successful film career.
In 1986, Keith David starred in the film ‘Platoon’ by Oliver stone in 1988 – the tape ‘Strangers among us’ (film shot John carpenter, the same one that created ‘Something’), then in the films ‘Stars and Bars’ (1988), ‘roadhouse’ (1989) and ‘Men at work’ (1990). In 1995, he played a one-legged war veteran Kirby in the famous film ‘Dead presidents’ and in the same year starred in the spike Lee film ‘Pushers’.
And ahead was the biggest movies of the Hollywood mainstream: ‘Volcano’ (1997), ‘Armageddon’ (1998), ‘there’s something about Mary’ (1998), ‘the Black hole’ (2000), ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ (2004), ‘Agent Cody banks’ (2003) and ‘Agent Cody banks 2: destination London’ (2004), ‘the Clash’ (2004), ‘Outside the law’ (2006), ‘Gamer’ (2009) etc., including hits such as ‘Carrier-2’ and ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’.
Actor starred in the independent tapes with smaller budgets and more profound content, such as the famous ‘Requiem for a dream’ (David was not a very pretty role of Big Tim).
Also Keith David appeared in the TV films and serials. Among the most famous – ‘the Fantastic four’, ‘ATF’, ‘C. S. I. crime scene’, ‘4исла’, ‘grey’s Anatomy’, ‘the Clairvoyant’ and mn. .
However, television and film Keith David is hardly better known than the projects that he had to voice. A deep, commanding voice praised the creators of animated films and cartoons, and computer games.
The voice of David telling Goliath from ‘Gargoyles’ and spawn in the same cartoon. In the English version of ‘Princess Mononoke’ voiced by David teller and Okkoto.
In computer role-playing game ‘Fallout’ voice of the whale tells a character named Dekker in the ‘Planescape: Torment’ he voiced Valora in ‘Halo 2,’ 2004-year – Arbitrator in ‘Halo 3’ for Xbox 360. In the game ‘Mass Effect’ actor voiced captain Anderson in the ‘Saint’s Row’, a gangster by the name of Julius, and in 2007, Keith David participated in the voice acting game ‘transformers’ (his character was a Decepticon named Barricade).
Several times Keith David was the narrator in the documentaries of Ken burns, including ‘the War’ (2007) and ‘Unforgivable Blackness: The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson’ (2004), for which David received an ‘Emmy’. His voice in the documentary, the BBC ‘World War II: Behind Closed Doors’, as well as in several documentary projects for National Geographic and the History Channel.
Not spared David’s side and the advertising campaign – however, very unusual: the voice actor sounded in the commercials of the Navy of the United States, urging the youth to join its ranks.
When he died Paul Winfield, voiced the popular show ‘City Confidential’, David replaced him. In addition, he voiced the trailer for the movie ‘Primeval’ and recorded the role of detective Alex Cross in three audiobooks – the detectives James Patterson ‘Cat and Mouse’ (1997), ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ (1999) and ‘Roses are Red’ (2000). Also David recorded public call for the campaign ‘Hip-Hop Literacy’ DJ RA; his voice sounds in many readings promos channel Versus Network.
And finally, Keith David worked on the scoring of projects like ‘final fantasy’ (2001), ‘Coraline in Country Nightmares’ (2009) and ‘BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn’ (the film will be released in the near future; the voice of David in it will say the hero named Tarix).
Keith David never ceased to play on the stage: in 1992, he received a ‘Tony’ for best actor the second plan for participation in the musical ‘Jelly’s Last Jam’, for participation in Shakespearean productions, he often during his career, received an ovation spoiled audiences in new York, in 1995 played a major role (Floyd ‘Schoolboy’ Barton) in the Broadway production of ‘Seven guitars,’ by August Wilson, and in may of 2006, played in the Broadway musical ‘Hot Feet’.

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