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One of the most ancient breeds of dogs, complex emerging climate of the north, is the Keeshond. This is a real beauty bewitches the gaze of those who are close by. Body Beautiful, elegant coat and brisk keen eyes – these are the distinctive features of the breed, which release a pet.
The story of the Keeshond breed
Hardly anyone would argue that Spitz are among the most ancient breeds of dogs who have been living next to a man. It refers to this breed and Keeshond dog, which recently has been combined into one breed with the Wolf Spitz.
There were first Keeshond in the Netherlands around the 16th century. Their limbers were dogs that live in the northern regions. It took so much time, and the breed is virtually unchanged and does not lose his face. Its main distinguishing features, which were inherited from the wild relatives:
The average sizes
Good health
Unpretentious in feeding
The first Keeshond immediately liked the man, and became friends with him, began to protect its boats or barges accompanying host, protecting the good. The dog very carefully to look closely to his master, trying to understand it. Maybe that’s why it is so well learned to recognize his mood and always will depart in a secluded corner, if it is busy or not one wants to communicate with anybody.
A very interesting story associated with the appearance of the breed name. During the uprising in 1781, in Holland, one of its leaders appear everywhere with his dog. She was not aristocratic breed. Like her boss, she was simple and undemanding to the surrounding life. Prince of Orange and his entourage called vagrants rebels, homeless, that sounded like the Dutch “Geza”. The same nickname stuck, and the dog, which is disliked as well as rebels. After the uprising, it was decided all dogs, similar to Géza though someone had called her Kesom destroy. Brisk little dog hiding in the doorways of the poor, saving their lives. So they continued to live at the courtyard of ordinary people, protecting their wealth not numerous.
Appearance Keeshond
Small size, compact dog, with harmoniously folded body covered with a thick vertical standing long hair – that’s the first impression about the representatives of the breed Keeshond. In their appearance seen some slight resemblance to the wild beast. The muzzle is like a fox, and the color of the animal resembles a wolf. Wool cover gray or shades close to it. On the muzzle around the eyes necessarily two small speck – a kind of distinctive glasses, black ears, like the tip of the tail.
Body poryto long hair, stiff and thick. guard hair length is 15 cm. It seems that the hair stood on end, but it is her usual state. Especially a fluffy mane on the neck, on the tail folded into a ring and pants legs. On the head the hair is short. Between long hair noticeable rich dense underfur, which can be from light to pale cream. This she makes every hair stand upright.
Keeshond eyes always fixed somewhere and something to want to miss. They are very lively, the same as the character of the pet. Their elongated shape, and the average size. Set on the eyes of the whole breed a little obliquely. They seem to be sly and mischievous. No wonder the breed called the smiling Dutchman.
Small ears resemble regular triangles, constantly aspiring upwards. The ears are set high.
Representatives Keeshond breed is not very large in size. The withers males about 43 – 45 m, and females slightly less. Surprisingly strict ratio of height at withers to body length. This value is always constant: 1: 1. adult dog weight of 25 to 30 kg.
Character and habits Keeshond
Accustomed to live in a neighborhood with a man Keeshond dog breed for centuries has not changed their character. She is kind and considerate to the people in the home, faithful and executive at work. That is why to date it is used as a guard, and as a companion dog. The animal can be seen in some psychotherapeutic US consultations in hospices. It is believed that this lovely creature can save people from any depression. And the dogs help people hard of hearing to communicate in others.
Animal betrayed the family in which it lives. It never shows groundless aggression, but is not considered timid. Quickly attaches to small children, forgiving them sometimes childish pranks. Not averse to frolic with them at the same time, while on a walk. Special gaiety different puppies who are restless, like a frisky rebyatnya. With age, become more sedate, and the house is not running, but walking about childhood recall.
Featuring a special sensitivity, Keeshond is able to determine the mood of the owner. Small children can pet it. When her friend or he’s crying, the dog must come out and settle down there. Tired man pet will not bother and peacefully depart aside. This is the best one for older single people who often do not have enough communication.
Seeing the water, trying to swim Keeshond. Probably left it in the natural weakness of the barge dog that lived permanently in water or left with the owner in the swimming.
Keeshond diseases and their prevention
Health Keeshond breed has inherited from his ancestors, so the disease is almost does not know. Her only weak point is the tendency to obesity. From him and suffer the majority of individuals of this species, if the owner is wrong diet or violates the norms of feeding pets.
Do not allow the development of obesity can be and so did not have to do anything special. In order to prevent excess weight is sufficient to limit the dog food and give her load while walking.
Care Keeshond
Like many long-haired dogs, Keeshond require special care during the molt, which happens twice a year. At such times, her thick undercoat gives a lot of trouble, if the pet is living in the house. Comb the undercoat is recommended daily. This not only saves home from dropping out of wool, but also reduce the time of moulting. Long hair also needs to be carefully comb to keep it dumped. In the period between molts of the comb can remember two times a month. Most hair comb is not necessary, as this will lead to combing the undercoat.
The dog, who grew up adoring the sea and swim, does not like to bathe at home. It is absolutely not necessary, therefore, to this procedure is resorted to only when absolutely necessary. Dog neat, some individuals even manage to wash his paw, as do cats.
Regime and diet
Taking Keeshond dog house should immediately learn how to properly feed her. It depends on the power of its subsequent fate, her health, life expectancy. Pet can live up to 17 years, testing the activity of about 13 years – 14.
To overweight is not marred life puppies have to strictly measure the amount of food and not to indulge in small animal snacks. Feed dog is recommended at one and the same time. You can share her daily rate on the two meals. In a bowl at the dog must always be clean water.

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