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Kathleen Mary Griffin – better known to the general public like Kathy Griffin – known actress, a public person, a member of the show ‘stand-up comedy. ” Success came to the red-haired joker after appearing in two episodes of the series ‘Seinfeld’, after which it became a party to the popular show ‘Suddenly Susan’, which brilliantly played a minor role. Now Katie – star of the reality show ‘Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List’, for participation in which she received two awards Emmy.
Kathy Griffin was born on November 4, 1960 in Chicago, Illinois. Her parents – the average Americans. His mother works as an administrator at the hospital, and his father – an electronics store manager. Griffin – the youngest of five children in the family. In 1978, Katie graduated from high school River Forest, then entered the Triton College in River Grove. However, she never graduated, dropped out of college in the second year.
In his autobiography Katie paid much attention to the death of one of the brothers – Kenny. She tried to analyze his life, which has become a string of drug abuse and beating his wife. Griffin childhood bully brother thought and reasoned as his character has influenced every woman who was with Kenny at certain periods of his life. Kenny brought the family a lot of worries and anxieties. He was imprisoned, run away from home as a teenager, he was aloof and withdrawn. Despite everything, namely Kathy were the most cordial relations with his brother among all family members. So his death was an irreparable loss to her.
Kathy Griffin began performing in 1980 as part of a comedy troupe in Los Angeles called ‘The Groundlings’. On the show ‘True Hollywood Story’ Griffin said that before taking such a decision, she attended the performance of comedians. Then I went backstage and talked to one of the members of the troupe – Phil Harmenom. Katie joined the composition ‘The Groundlings’ after a failed audition for a role in ‘Spy Herriet’ film. In addition to speeches, she actively took individual acting lessons, which are then very useful to her. Kathy always dreamed of a big stage and a wide recognition.
Griffin became a member of the increasingly popular in Los Angeles genre ‘stand-up comedy. ” Its success led to the creation of the show ‘Hot Cup of Talk’, in which it has become a major star. In 1994, Kathy Griffin has appeared in a cameo role in the cult film ‘Pulp Fiction’, and then took the lead role in the film ‘The Unborn’.
Kathy starred in many popular television series, which differed and themes, and genre. Among them are the ‘Prince of Bel-Air’, ‘X-Files’, ‘Ugly Betty’, ‘Family Guy’, etc. She has many successful projects, TV shows, movies and TV series, in which, as always, unique and individual. Her sparkling sense of humor won over not only Americans, but also the spectators around the world. Kathy Griffin appears as a talented and multi-faceted personality. She not only participated in numerous shows and movies, but also takes part in public life.
Despite the fact that as a child Kathy regularly attended church, now it calls itself ‘militant atheist’, which has lost faith in a higher power. Griffin also makes a categorical protest against the LASIK eye surgery. On his difficult experiences Katie underwent a series of complicated eye surgeries that made her almost blind in one eye. She openly and boldly confirms the experience appeals to plastic surgeons, claiming that ‘fat reappeared, and liposuction has become the salvation for the figure only a certain period’. The publication ‘Oxygen’ placed it on the 17th of its list of ‘The most exhilarating and fun women in the world’.
In 2001, Kathy Griffin married Matt Moline. The private ceremony was held in one of Hollywood’s restaurants, was a mystery to the press. Later it became known that a bridesmaid was the actress Brooke Shields with which Katie has long appeared on the series ‘Unpredictable Susan’. Among the guests were seen James Williams, Rebecca Killy, Bill Maher and many others. In spite of the seemingly perfect relationship of the spouses, the family still exist problems that wing away from prying views of reporters. Divorce occurred in 2006, and then on various talk shows ex-wife showered each other with mutual reproaches.
After that, Griffin began a long affair with a colleague Steve Wozniak. However, in the end, the couple broke up. A few short novels leave Katie heart free. She gives herself entirely career and creativity, but it is recognized that the present waiting for the magic and feelings, as well as any woman.

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