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Katharine Hepburn

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Katharine Houghton Hepburn – American actress of cinema, theater and television, four-time winner of the award “Oscar”, recognized as the greatest Hollywood actress according to the American Film Institute, known for its independent character and energy, whose career lasted over sixty years, most known for her roles in ” Early fame, “” Little women, “” The Philadelphia story, “” woman of the year “,” Rainmaker “and” Love story. ”
Catherine was born on May 12, 1907 in Hartford, a town in the northeastern United States in the state of Connecticut. The girl was the daughter of the well-known participants of the feminist movement, fighting for women’s right to abortion, Katherine Houghton March and a doctor, a specialist in urology, Thomas Norval Hepburn. Both parents were active fighters for social change in America. Thomas assisted in the creation of the Association of Public Health, designed to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among the inhabitants of New England. Kathryn March led the Association of women’s equality, and later worked on birth control. Even as a child the future actress several times with her mother attended the demonstration. All six children in the family were brought up in the conditions of freedom of speech and mutual respect. Also welcomed any creative presentation and discussion of all possible topics. In the future, progressive views, which held the girl’s parents, not just helped herself to confront difficulties. Catherine said that she – a child of remarkable parents, and their success, it owes much to them. As a child, the girl cut off her long hair, making boyish hairstyle. She behaved like a tomboy and asked to call her male name Jimmy. Thomas wanted to give the children the most versatile training that they can use their makings of a hundred percent. He taught them to swim, dive, ride, fight, play tennis and golf. The latter became a passion eldest daughter. Catherine took daily lessons and soon reached the semifinals in the Championship of Connecticut conducted among young women. She also loved swimming every day and took an ice bath.
Girl from childhood was a fan of cinema. Together with her sisters, brothers and friends, the girl put their own performances, invited neighbors to watch, vzymaya per ticket for 50 cents, which subsequently went to help fund the Navajo Indians. April 3, 1921, while visiting friends, Katherine found the body hanged himself adored her older brother Tom. The parents denied the possibility of suicide, insisted that it was some kind of accident. Catherine herself has become inhospitable and nervous. She threw the Oxford school and started taking private lessons. For a long time, Hepburn gave out the date of birth of Tom for his. In 1924 she was admitted to Bryn Mawr College. Since the opportunity to play a role in the student theater is directly dependent on the quality of evaluations, Catherine quickly recovered grades. In the senior year of study she took the lead role in a play by John Lilly, that finally strengthened her desire to become an actress. In 1928 she graduated from the training with a degree in history and philosophy. At the same time Katherine made her debut on the big stage of the theater in Baltimore, and a year later played on Broadway.
The first cinematographic work was the role in the drama of George Cukor “bill of divorce.” Acting in the melodrama “Early fame” was awarded the “Oscar” for the performance of the best female role. A melodrama “Little Women,” was awarded the prize of the Venice Film Festival. In 1942, Hepburn starred in the comedy “Woman of the Year”, where her partner was Spencer Tracy. Getting out to start the novel, which lasted until the death of the actor in 1967. Catherine herself lived to 96 years and died in summer 2003.

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