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Katerina Graham

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Katerina Graham: Biography
Katerina Graham (Katerina Alexandre Hartford Grahham) is known for her role in the TV series The Vampire Diaries. The actress played Bonnie Bennet and won the hearts of millions of fans. Young and talented Katerina conquers cinema, is engaged in producing, sings, mastering the modeling business.

Childhood and youth
Actress Katerina Graham was born in Switzerland on September 5, 1989. A few years of childhood lived in Geneva. Father Joseph Graham worked for the local media. Later, the family had to move to the United States.

Directed by Graham fell in love with an exotic appearance. Joseph hails from Liberia. The family moved when Catherine’s grandfather began working as the Liberian UN ambassador. Graham’s parents’ marriage turned out to be unusual: Liberian and Natasha from Poland with Russian roots.

During the years of study at the Jewish school, it was already clear that the girl was waiting for a creative path. Graham had time to attend sports training, theatrical circles, and at the same time she suffered music. Katerina founded a music group at school and even tried herself as an author and composer of songs.

In addition to daily music lessons, Kat mastered the basics of choreography. Amazingly, along with this, Graham spoke several languages: Spanish, Polish, French.

Katerina began her acting career without having finished school. The beginning singer was noticed at one of the concerts and was invited to the casting of the film Nancy Meyers “Parent Trap”. Graham played on the same team with Lindsay Lohan, Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid. Kat got a minor role as Jackie.

The film was shot in 1998. The successful debut of the young Catherine was the beginning of the acting future, although she studied the future star in Los Angeles at a music school.

Katerina Graham has been developing her career since 1998. At first she starred in episodes of obscure films and TV shows. There was a lot of work, the first noticeable is the comedy “Hell on Earth”. International fame after the role in the film, Kat did not receive, but the American audience appreciated the talent of the young actress.

Catherine Graham’s filmography includes dozens of paintings. In 2009, she played on the same platform with the already known Zac Efron. Fantasy Burra Stiers “Daddy Again 17” made Katerina the idol of American teenagers.

In the story, the loser father cannot build relationships with his family and is constantly failing at work. By coincidence, one day, Mike (Matthew Perry) wakes up the 17-year-old. The main role in this film, Kat has not received. At the time of filming she was 20 years old.

The first serious work was noted in 2011. The image of a smiling schoolgirl is replaced by the role of Kim Johnson in the thriller “Roommate.” The story of director Christian Christianis is filmed in the best traditions of American horrors: students become witnesses of frightening events and try to find the source of troubles.

The cast of actors attracted the attention of young people (Leighton Mister, Minka Kelly, Nina Dobrev, Katerina Graham). The picture had quite good fees after the premiere.

After appearing on the TV series The Vampire Diaries, Katerina Graham learned what international popularity is. Together with Nina Dobrev, the actress played Bonnie Bennet, the friend of the main character, Elena Gilbert. Vampire series has become popular among young people.

17-year-old Elena pays attention to the mysterious handsome Stephen. Feelings flare up between them. The storyline is built around a love triangle: Helen, Stephen and his brother Damon.

There were a lot of controversies around the series. But the hype after the first season did the trick. In 2016, many sources discussed that Elena’s girlfriend (Nina Dobrev) would take the lead in season 7. Before the premiere, the audience was intrigued, but without details. It turned out that this season Bonnie and the Salvatore brothers expect a difficult relationship.

Eight years the film crew worked on the creation of seasons. Today, the role of the hereditary witch Bonnie remains the most popular in the history of filmography Katerina. In 2010, the actress was nominated for a “Supporting Actress” for the award Teen Choice Award. The following year, Graham received this award.

Working on film sets does not interfere with Katerina Graham’s musical career. “The Vampire Diaries” actress and singer combined with concerts. One of the most popular Graham songs is Put your graffiti on me. She writes music to her own studio. For some time, the singer as a backing vocalist went on tour with a group of Black and Peace.

According to Katerina, it is difficult to choose one sphere. She is known equally in the world of cinema, music and dance. According to Graham, she is not going to leave her music classes, as well as to act in films or to participate in shooting for fashion publications.

Professional choreography lessons helped the actress in the filming of the film “Papochka 2”. Graham also appears in the clips of Justin Bieber and Nelly. She shot videos for singles Hearkiller and Wanna Say. In 2012, Katerina recorded the album “Against the Wall”.

Personal life
In 2010, on the set of The Vampire Diaries, Graham met Cottrell Guidry. After a couple of years, young people expressed a desire to legalize relations. The entourage knew about the upcoming engagement, but Katerina never called Cottrell a husband.

Why the marriage did not take place is unknown. The stars are silent about this. After parting with the bridegroom, Graham did not have serious romances. The latest news of 2017 says that the girl is alone, there is no children in the free search.

Katerina Graham now
Like all stars, Katerina knows what the yellow press is. In 2017, there was an article incriminating an actress of drug use. In TMZ there were photos in which it is visible, how the girl lies on the ground unconscious. The frame included law enforcement officers and medical staff. Sources put forward a version instantly: Graham’s swoon is associated with the use of marijuana.

However, the actress herself referred to the incident on Instagram, and the official representative denied the veracity of the incident. It became known that Katerina was resting in a restaurant and felt bad. Released to fresh air, but fainted. The story was not discussed for a long time – it was quickly forgotten.

In 2018, little is known about Graham’s life. New projects are not planned (or they are not spoken about yet). But with enviable consistency in social networks, new photos appear (Graham pleases Instagram subscribers).

The media also publishes fresh photo material. The world of fashion keeps an eye on Katerina, the web often evaluates star outfits from popular events. Recently discussed dress from Dior. Already very similar images from Kat and Ksenia Sobchak. But fans believe that Catherine Dior is more to the face.

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