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Francecanada actress from Quebec, which is currently filming in the role of French stewardess Colette Valois (Colette Valois) in the series ‘pan am’ (Pan Am) on ABC. The heroine, Karin, orphaned during the German occupation of France (France) during the Second world war, still Harbor hostility towards Germans in General. Behind Karin Vanass today 25 roles in movies, short films and television series.
The vanass was born 24 November 1983 in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada (Drummondville, Québec, Canada), in the family of a municipal worker Conrad Vanass (Conrad Vanasse) and Rene Gamache (Renée Gamache), who early in his career, Karin was the Manager of his daughter. She has two brothers, Vincent (Vincent Vanasse) and Alexis (Alexis Vanasse), and sister Elodie (Élodie Vanasse).
Nine years Karin has expressed a desire to become a singer or actress. This desire turned into unfounded ambition when she appeared in Quebec’s teen show ‘Club des 100 watts’, winning the competition. It was then, with the help of the mother and with the support of presenter Frans Baudouin (Beaudoin France), Karin started going on auditions and acting in television commercials, as well as to small roles in television films francecanada.
In 1998, Vanass got in ‘Motion International production company’, becoming one of the leading are very popular at the time, Quebec’s scientific and popular children’s TV show ‘Les Petits Debrouillards’ – heads of the program then tried to hold a re-branding, giving it a new, friendlier image.
While Vanass worked in this program, she was noticed by a producer Lorraine Richard (Lorraine Richard) and Director Lea Pool (Léa Pool) and persuaded the girl to play the role of Hanna (Hanna) in the film ‘Emporte-moi’ (1999), which became her first big break. This teenage drama told the story of a girl who struggles with her awakening sexuality and trying to find their individuality in a painful to her family environment. The picture was shown at 40 festivals in over 20 countries, he has received 15 awards and 9 nominations and has brought Karin, whose acting was appreciated very highly and in Canada and at the international level, several awards in the category ‘Best actress’, including the Quebec prize ‘Gotra’ (Jutra Award).
In the same 1999 Vanass played Lucy (Lucie), a love interest of Zack (Zac) performed Lengle Benoit (Benoit Langlais), which caused a lot of controversy in the Quebec series ‘Two brothers’ (2 frères). In the 2000-2001 seasons her character Lucy has become much more vivid and realistic, and discussions in the press, caused by the violent image of reality, led to the fact that Lingle Vanass and became the representatives of the TV program ‘Parler, C’est grandir’, funded by the government and aimed at young people from disadvantaged families.
To Vanass just stuck in teenage roles, but, even at the risk of becoming an actress of the same type, she took the main role in the film ‘Du pic au coeur’ (2001) directed by céline Baril (Céline Baril), about the intricacies of a love of the intricacies of today’s youth. In the spring of 2001, the Vanass decided to ITHAKA program and took a break for six months, going to Greece (Greece), where he devoted himself to travel and study.
When she returned home, it turned out that the break changed her career for good. The vanass have moved away from conventional for her role of the rebellious adolescent to the absolutely other, ‘adult’ roles. She played the beautiful Donald (Donalda) in the film ‘Séraphin: un homme et son péché’ (2002) directed by Charles Biname (Charles Binamé). Then she got a small role in the romantic drama Head in the clouds’ (Head in the Clouds, 2004) with Charlize Theron (Charlize Theron) and Penelope Cruz (Penélope Cruz).
In the miniseries 2006 ‘October 1970’ Karin played her Christina (Christine) and the main character in the canadian television movie ‘Marie Antoinette’ (Marie-Antoinette). At the same time, the actress played a lot of canadian theatre in English and French.
In 2009, Vanass played and co-produced the film ‘Polytechnique’ in which they talked about the real tragedy that occurred in 1989 in the Montreal Polytechnic school (École Polytechnique), when the attacker killed 14 young women and killed himself. She received the award ‘Genie Award’ as ‘best actress’.
In 2011, the actress starred in two television series, the American ‘pan American’ and canadian ‘Trauma’, and five films – Thriller ‘Angle mort’, romantic Comedy ‘Midnight in Paris’ (Midnight in Paris) and ‘I’m Yours’, crime Comedy ‘Switch’ and ‘French Immersion’.

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