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Kaisa Makarainen

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On January 11, 1983, a beauty and sportswoman Kaisa Mäkäräinen was born in a small village of Ristijärvi (1500 people). The girl grew tall, 1.71 m, and the athlete weighs 57-58 kg. Until 2006, Kaisa worked as a sports journalist, but then decided that it was better to give interviews herself.

Finnish lightning or simply Kappa – so they call their champion in Finland. Kaisa Mäkäräinen became a true symbol of women’s biathlon not only at home, but in the whole world. On the personal life of Kaisa little is known, but her titles are known to all fans of ski sports. An interesting fact: the most complete statistics Mäkäryainen collected in the Russian-language Wikipedia, and not in Finnish. Apparently, the Finns believe that the best achievements of the compatriot ahead and do not hurry to write biography biathlonist.

32-year-old Kaisa Leeena Mäkäräinen started to practice biathlon in 2003. A year later, I was already in the Finnish national team, and by 2007 I became a two-time world champion, although for the time being in summer biathlon.

In the 2007/08 season, Mäkäräinen first hit the top three (sprint in Pokljuka). And again she became the third in Ruhpolding in the pursuit race. The following season brought the Finnish blonde two silver medals. But she was just warming up.

The most difficult test for the athlete was in 2009, when I had to operate my knee. A month on crutches, two months of rehabilitation – it seemed that with biathlon have to say goodbye. Plus, it took an eye operation to improve vision.

Sports will, the efforts of doctors and coaches did their job: after the recession in 2009-2010, the 2010/11 season was a triumphal breakthrough for Kaisa in the world elite of biathlon. At the World Championships in Khanty-Mansiysk the Finn won silver, then became the winner of the World Cup (the first in Finland!), And from other biathletes she earned respect because she did not miss a single race in the season.

At the Sochi Olympics, it was impossible to shine from Kappa: 30th in the sprint, 16th in the pursuit race, 9th in the individual race and 6th in the mass start. Kaisa explained this by illness and poor preparation of skis. Here the Belarusian rocket Daria Domracheva was healthy, therefore, she overtook her opponent for 33 seconds! So while at the Olympics Kaise is unlucky. At the Vancouver OI-2010, Mäkäräinen did not occupy above 46 seats.

  “How is Domracheva first? Again she’s first ?!”

Competition with Domracheva continued in this season. In Ostersund, Kaisa became the second, losing to Daria 27.9 seconds. In Hochfilzen Finn was the first in the sprint, here already happened the flu did not stop her.

The average percentage of hits in the Finnish biathlon is 80.8%. It is best to shoot Kaise in individual races – 82.2%. But in the sprint the number of hits drops to 78.5%.

Statistics of personal victories of Mäkäräinen (Wikipedia)

As a child, Kaisa dreamed of becoming … Queen of England. That is, apparently, to marry someone from the British princes. This blonde beauty did not succeed, but it is unlikely that it upset her. Queen of biathlon Mäkäräinen can be called. Well, or at least a princess. Especially at home, it is often called the Princess of a thousand lakes.

Kappa’s hobby is reading. True, the athlete complains that because of the competition, a lot of reading does not work. Remains vrmya unless on women’s and sports magazines, but small stories.

On the question of rituals and mascots, Mäkäräinen answers that it is easier without it. “Depend on some little thing? No, really! And if I lose? What then does not run? “- Kais cheerfully asks.

Kaisa Mäkäräinen on biathlon afterparty

And the Finnish beauty is saddened by the state of biathlon in her native country: “We have a small and poor federation. We can put up a maximum of 4 athletes because of a lack of money. And there are very few biathlon arenas. There are many ski areas, but you will not find rifle lines. Plus there are no world-class coaches. As a result, we are great at losing points in the Cup. It’s sad all this. “

“Well, again, Daria has already fled!”

By education, Kais is a physicist. She studied at the University of Joensee, before that he spent three years at the sports lyceum. Mama Kappa’s name is Eyra, and her father’s name is Urho. In the family there are two younger brothers, Tuomas and Jakko, three dogs and the groom of Kaisa, Jarkko Kauppinen (he, too, is a Finnish national team). From eating, the blonde champion loves pizza and pasta, preferring latte with chocolate sauce and cream.

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