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KJ Apa: Biography
KJ Apa is a New Zealand actor who gained widespread fame after the release of the series Riverdale.

June 16, 1997 was born in New Zealand, the young actor Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, better known as KJAp. The boy comes from the family of the leader. Father Kay Jay is a mataem in a village called Samoa. In addition to the future of the actor, two girls are raised in the family. The older sisters of the young man are called Arieta and Timen.

The official biography of the actor states that KJ was educated at the Royal College of Auckland, however, it does not say which faculty he studied at. In addition to acting talent, the guy plays musical instruments, including the piano and guitar.

Kay Jay Ap’s filmography is not yet so great. In the list of works of the actor there are less than 10 films and serials. The creative life of the guy began with the filming of the series “Dead End”. The young man got the role of a young man named Jack. But it was not the main character in the teleproject.

The main role in the series was played by a girl named Greta Gregory (Rosie). 16-year-old schoolgirl once woke up in an unknown world, in which there are no adults. At the same time, no technical means work, and the rules of public life are completely redone.

The intellect and courage of a young girl, as well as friends-helpers will help to overcome all obstacles and return to their own lives. But as it turned out, not everything is simple in this new world. The movement was influenced by mystical powers. But hope dies last: Rosie was planning to reunite with her parents.

The next significant project in KJ’s life was the series “Riverdale”. 1 series of season 1 was shown on the American television channel in 2017. After that, the actor turned into a star. The young guy had to play the role of a teenager Archie Andrews, who will not be spoiled by any problems.

The young man is friends with a girl named Batty Cooper (Lily Reinhart), Veronica Lodge (Camilla Mendez). The children had to understand that there is another side to life in the city, where they grew up and studied. At this locality there are oddities, and then mysterious things are announced, which were previously hidden behind the bright facades of buildings and houses.

The film critics rated Kay Jay’s performance. At the Saturn Award, the young man was nominated in two categories, but Apa received the statuette for the Acting Breakthrough.

In 2017, a funny movie “Dog’s Life” came out on big screens. This tape tells, even reminds that dogs, regardless of size and breed, remain true and faithful friends in any situation. Only humans can help animals learn good manners.

Thoughts of favorite hosts rummage around in dogs’ heads, but then suddenly food thoughts arise. Every day, pets are accompanied with sadness in the eyes of people to work or on business, and then they are happy to meet. The owners – this is the meaning of life of dogs. The creators of the project have entrusted Key Jay the role of young Ethan Montgomery.

Personal life
On the personal life of a guy prefers to remain silent. Not once did KJ get into the lenses of a paparazzi with a girl. On the official pages on Instagram and Twitter, the guy publishes photos with friends, sisters and favorite pets. This affected the fact that journalists became interested in the orientation of the young man. There is information on the Internet that Apa may be gay, but the actor does not want to comment on these rumors.

Tall (180 cm) and muscular (73 kg) guy attracts the attention of girls. After the release of the series “Riverdale” Kay Jay has become the one who dreams of schoolgirls and college students.

Journalists assume that the main characters of the series Apa and Camilla Mendez go on dates. This is indirectly confirmed by the guy, by publishing a photo with the girl and her parents, taken at a family dinner, on Instagram. Later it turned out that people are not Kay’s father and mother.

KJAp now
What does the favorite of American girls do now: in the life of a guy there is a sport, friends and profession. KJAp continues to act in new projects, but in what, yet does not inform. Soon the movie “Altar Rock” will be released.

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