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Blockbuster, produced by Steven Spielberg, fully justifies the expectations of spectators. Dinosaurs eat people and each other, the people, in turn, try to escape – all decorated with impressive audiovisual effects, for which many will go to the IMAX and other well-equipped rooms.
Jurassic Park, located on a secluded island in the ocean, finally opened. Thousands of people come to look at the dinosaurs. Capsules of impenetrable glass with visitors romp through the fields, grazing prehistoric animals. Group tours throughout the park attract many children. But the creators of the park is clearly haunted by bad luck: everything goes wrong again, and carnivorous dinosaurs break free. A particularly dangerous one – a genetically modified dinosaur, whose abilities and intentions before the end nobody can predict.
The main problem of Steven Spielberg as a producer and as a director in the case of films about dinosaurs – that 22 years ago he completely closed the subject his film. None of the following film about Jurassic Park, as well as any other film about these ancient creatures, never became a significant event, nor, especially, commercial superhit – while Spielberg movie at one time crossed the billion mark, becoming absolute champion in worldwide box office to date. Spielberg, who does not leave this subject, to be especially disappointing because the film has become a cause for merchandising enormous proportions. Who in the 90s did not go on the rides with the dinosaurs, did not wear a T-shirt with the logo of the film, did not buy yourself or children (depending on age) toy dinosaurs? Of course, this is not the “Star Wars”, but also very profitable project. But – no one so far failed to develop a theme because the dinosaurs that once all hooked and today any mention of dinosaurs in the movie seem anachronistic or banality. Which, of course, can not fail to disappoint paleontologists, fans of the movie “Jurassic Park” and Steven Spielberg himself, who, after many years of development still took a chance to go back to the park, but as a producer.
For a long time to write and rewrite the story. The action was transferred from the island to the other ends of the Earth. Assumed to enter characters that are the crossed with Dinosaurs people. Figure out how to open the final, so that in case of success continuing to do. Eventually we settled on a solution that may seem controversial, but in the end it becomes clear how it is justified. The film “refused” their “ancestors”: it does not have the number “4” in the title, it took an unknown young director Colin Trevorrow, wrote the music for the first time not John Williams, and even all the cast was almost entirely replaced.
Recall that in the original film Spielberg has played a major Australian actor Sam Neill, the company which were the muse of David Lynch and Laura Dern in the famous horror David Cronenberg’s “The Fly,” Jeff Goldblum. The company it was a great Englishman, Richard Attenborough. That’s because Spielberg filmed partly a horror movie, but it was interested in a special kind of horror. As in many of his films, Spielberg was thinking about a possible meeting with the human consciousness is fundamentally different, which could be an alien, or an electronic pet. It did not matter, more important was the fact of the meeting – the original horror, which then led the man to a new level of understanding himself. Therefore, with such thoroughness was matched ensemble, and all the other components of the film played at the effect.
The “Jurassic World” played by actors deliberately mean. Fortress Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, who became famous mainly by the fact that Trier took her to replace Nicole Kidman in the continuation of “Dogville,” “Manderlay” (he other things, failed miserably) and Irfan Khan, which invites not only for talent, much of tipazhnosti. And the music here, like, “by Williams,” but it is also immediately noticeable. That’s because “Jurassic Park” – this is the same attraction (or video game), only on the screen. Part of the merchandising of the original film, which itself does not require originality. The special effects are put to the fore the problems pushed to the last, the original film sufficiently mentioned. Spectators who wish to receive again the pleasure of meeting with the dinosaurs, got it. Continued probably already exists on the script level. And the movie box office to collect considerable. But dinosaurs show interesting still failed, could not get people to think in new ways about these creatures, to experience some new emotions. Predators still just poking their tails in the audience, constantly yelling, wide open mouth and baring his teeth, always hunting for small little people who are unlikely to represent good food. If only because of the clothes and stuff in his pockets. Spielberg released a product, not a film, but the film because nobody expected. Subject – closed a great director. And how long.

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