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Jumping spider

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The family of Spiders-racers – Salticidae – unites spiders, which are easily distinguished by their hvarakternymi signs from other species. They have four big eyes on the front part and four sizes smaller – to the top of the head. There are more than 5,000 species of spiders horses.
The family is fairly uniform way of life, it is common in all countries, and especially abundant in the tropics. This small or medium-sized spiders, usually with a tight cover.
Spiders-racers are bright, colorful and varied coloring, especially during the breeding season, in some cases, they imitate other animals – such as ants.
Sun-hunt during the day. Jump on prey that notice thanks to a good object vision. They live on the ground, in the grass, in the trees, on walls and rocks. Tat only nest – a shelter for the eggs under rocks, under peeling bark, etc. Characterized by peculiar courtship dance… We live in the middle lane Salticus numerous types of childbirth, Heliophanus and dr.Prevoskhodnoe vision allows racers spider hunt, as do cats – noting prey at a distance, they watch her and jumping, crushing under itself. Although spiders can make jumps 50 times body length, no muscles on his legs. Jumping is ensured by the action of muscles of the front of the body, the reduction of which causes a sharp increase in blood pressure and blood flow to the legs.
A characteristic feature of the 5,000 species of spiders skakunchikov naprygivat is the ability to sacrifice, because they have excellent eyesight. Six small eyes help to correctly estimate the distance to the victim and determine the direction of movement. Two magnified eyes looking forward allow the spider to focus on the victim, and prepare for an attack. Many species of spiders, especially in tropical regions, have bright color, which helps females to detect smaller male. It is believed that this is one of the most intelligent spiders. The size of the brain as a percentage of the size of the body is the same as in humans.

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