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Biography of Yulia Lipnitskaya

Julia Lipnitskaya is a figure skater who won a gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Olympics in team competitions, performing on the ice by music from the Schindler’s List by Steven Spielberg. In August 2017, she completed her career.

Childhood of Julia Lipnitskaya
The girl was born in Yekaterinburg. In four mom she brought her to the skating rink and wrote it down to the figure skating section, namely, to the Lokomotiv Sports School, where Elena Levkovets became the first coach of the girl.
Education lay on the shoulders of the mother, as Julia’s father did not live with them, and she never saw him. Because of the fact that from an early childhood a small sportswoman took a lot of time to train, she did not attend school, but was on so-called home schooling.

Being by nature a gifted child with incredible stretching, Julia almost immediately began to make progress, standing out among her female figure skaters. Her first coach is still watching how the sports career of her young pupil develops, is happy and worried about her.

The first successes of Yulia Lipnitskaya in figure skating
Since the twelve figure skaters showed more than magnificent results, her mother decided to move to Moscow. Thanks to this, Julia has the opportunity to engage with the best coaches of the country. Almost immediately it became clear that this decision was correct. The new coach of the girl Eteri Tutberidze, together with Sergei Dudakov helped Lipnitskaya fully reveal the talent of the extraordinary figure skater. Igor Pashkevich also helped in training.

Julia Lipnitskaya. Truth and fiction. In the studio Ilya Averbukh
In the 2009-10 season, Julia was able to get to the fifth position at the national championship among juniors. A year later, she already competed not with juniors, but with “adults” in the Russian championship, where she immediately became the fourth.

Julia Lipnitskaya at international competitions
It is known that the ISU allows athletes to participate in international junior competitions only from a certain age, which Julia just reached in the season 2011-12. Debut took place in Poland at the Junior Grand Prix, where the athlete immediately became a champion. She also won the stage in Italy, and the final in Quebec.
It’s amazing that the victory in the finals was won by Julia in both an arbitrary and a short program. Her main rival was Polina Shelepen, who lagged behind Lipnitskaya by as much as seventeen points.
In 2012, at the national championships skater in the short program was the third, but in an arbitrary program won. Thus, as a result, she became a silver medalist. In the same year, she won the junior championship of Russia. Again, her main rival was Shelepen, who lagged behind Julia by more than nine points and took second place.

Julia Lipnitskaya told the truth about the “presented” her apartment
In the same year, the girl, arriving at the World Junior Championships, became the highest step of the pedestal, leaving behind Gracie Gold. It turned out that in all international competitions, in which Lipnitskaya took part, she won only the first places.

Preparation of Lipnitskaya for the Olympics in Sochi
In Finland the victory was again for Julia. She participated in the Espoo tournament, which was held in Finland. So began the preparation of the athlete for her first Olympics. Then came the victories in adult competitions first in China, then in France. It was in France that Julia did not just win, she managed to get the maximum level and all kinds of extra charges.
With so many victories, the figure skater did not compete in the Grand Prix Final, the cause was injury. The national championship in 2013, she also had to miss. In the second season of 2012-13, the athlete first came out on the ice after injury, taking part in the Russian championship. On it, it became the fifth. After that, only victories followed again.
At the World Cup held in Milan, she stood on the second step of the pedestal. With these results, the figure skater came up to the Olympic season.

Julia Lipnitskaya at the Sochi Olympics
The first performance of Julia in the team competition of the Sochi Olympics attracted the attention of the whole world to her. The girl won a brilliant victory, two times the perfect rollback program. It was she who brought the highest score to the team result. Unfortunately, performance in individual competitions was not so successful. There, Lipnitskaya became only the fifth because of several falls. Nevertheless, in the history of the Olympics she is the youngest champion, the owner of the gold medal. She acted in the same team with such stars as Evgeni Plushenko, Maxim Trankov, Tatyana Volosozhar, Elena Ilinykh, Nikita Katsalapov and others.

In the 2013-14 season, a talented figure skater in the Grand Prix finals took silver because she missed the program. But at the European Championships the result was an indisputable victory, while Julia was the youngest of the competing.

In February she became an Honored Master of Sports. The girl began to prepare for the next Olympics, where, most likely, she can become a champion in the individual struggle.

Personal life of Julia Lipnitskaya

The world’s main person for Julia is her mother, who has been a close friend to her all her life. She accompanies the daughter, sharing with her the joy of victory, is near, when there are rare lesions and injuries. More than once the sportswoman spoke a lot of warm words about her mother.

Julia Lipnitskaya is now

In August 2017, the press reported on the completion of Yulia Lipnitskaya sports career. As it turned out, this decision the 18-year-old figure skater took back in April. The reasons for leaving the big sport Julia declined to comment.

The line of failure began in Julia back in 2016, when she took only 7th place in the national championship. The following year, she did not qualify for the Russian championship because of an injury she received not on skating, but on the sidewalk. The girl had to miss the competition because of the treatment. In this case, as her mother claims, she suffered from anorexia from 2014, which could not but affect sports failures.

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