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Jude Law

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Jude Law (Jude Law) – British film and theater actor, winner of the “Honor of Cesar” (2007), twice nominint for “Oscar”, “Golden Globe” and a BAFTA for his work on the drama “Cold Mountain.” Nominint for “Oscar”, “Golden Globe” and winner of the BAFTA for her role in “The Talented Mr. Ripley”, a nominee for the “Golden Globe” for supporting actress in the film “Artificial Intelligence”.

David Jude Heyworth Law was born December 29, 1972 in London, in a family of school teachers who like theater. Parents named his son in honor of the hero of the novel “Jude the Obscure”. At 6 years old Jude played in the local theater, and 12 have been accepted into the troupe of the National Youth Music Theatre. Up to 14 years Jude studied in a normal school, but classmates laughed at his angelic appearance, and will not suffer abuse, the future star transferred to the private school. Subsequently, pretty looks Jude Law will be his “bonus of acting career, but his shy actor Cute. Blond with blue eyes and expressive lips sometimes mistaken for a girl (even settled in the women’s hostel).
With 14 years of Jude she starred on British television and played on the stage. In the 17 years he has worked in the television series “Family” and was engaged in the play “Pygmalion.” At 22, Jude Law got his first starring role in a movie – the thriller by Paul Anderson’s “Shopping” (1994), on the set of which he met his future wife, actress Sadie Frost. Lowe’s combined work in theater, film and television. Although most of the recognition achieved in the theatrical environment, received in 1994 a nomination for the Laurence Olivier Award for tragicomedy “Terrible Parents”. A year later was nominated for the prestigious award “Tony” and Ian Charleston.
Followed by the success in the cinema. Law, basically, is invited to the role krasavchikov-seducers. At 24, Jude starred in the melodrama “I love you, I love you not” (1996). In 1997, Jude Law got his first significant film role – in the biographical drama “Wilde”. That same year, the actor appeared in fiction “Gattaca”, where he played a paralyzed invalid who goes into space along with Uma Thurman. The crime drama Clint Eastwood’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, he played the role of hero-lover Kevin Spacey. In 1999, Lowe starred in David Cronenberg in fiction “Existence”.
World famous Jude Law received in 27 years, when the director Anthony Minghella took him as a pampered aristocrat in the drama “The Talented Mr. Ripley.” The tape was a huge success and Lowe was nominated for three most prestigious world awards ( “Oscar”, “Golden Globe”) and received a BAFTA. Triumph advanced Lowe to the forefront of the global film business. Actor invited in big-budget Hollywood projects. For his work in the film “Artificial Intelligence” in 2001 he received a nomination for the “Golden Globe”, but for the game in the drama of Anthony Minghella’s “Cold Mountain” (2003) once again nominated for “Oscar”, “Golden Globe” and a BAFTA. Among his best works and films “The Aviator” (2004), “Alfie” (2004), “Closer” (2004), “All the King’s Men” (2006), “Invasion” (2006), ” Holiday “(2006),” My Blueberry nights “(2007). Jude Law has played Dr. Watson in a duet with Robert Downey Jr. in Guy Ritchie film “Sherlock Holmes” (2009) and “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” (2011). In 2011, the actor acted in a small role Oscar-winning film Scorsese’s “Time Keeper”. And in 2012 – Joe Wright’s film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”. 40-year-old Lowe – bachelor. In 2003, he was divorced from the scandal with his wife (she blamed him that he almost poisoned daughter Ecstasy scattered houses). In the year 2009 at Lowe appeared in four children, whose mother was the model Samantha Burke.

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