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The American actress, who played a lot of interesting roles, the brightest of which – a Janet Wood (character of a television series).
Anne Joyce DeWitt was born April 23, 1949, in West Virginia – in the family norms and Paul DeWitt. Joyce grew up in Speedway, in a suburb of Indianapolis.
At the time, Joyce admitted to the University of California and its completion was awarded an honorary master’s degree (bachelor’s degree, the actress received earlier – after studying in institution Ball State University).
Having received excellent education, actress for some time worked in the art studio of Abe Vigoda, – a talented actor, with whom, incidentally, maintains friendly relations to this day.
At the beginning of his career, Joyce worked in television, acting in various television projects, including a variety of entertainment shows. It quickly became popular and loved by the audience. Fans adored actress Joyce talent and having fun watching her professional game.
Subsequently Joyce DeWitt worked productively in Hollywood, showing the acting talent, as well as the ability to create on-screen a variety of images.
Among the most striking works of the actress – participated in films such as Most Wanted (1976), With This Ring (1978), Supertrain (1979), The Ropers (1979), The Love Boat (1979), Three’s Company (1976-1984) , Friends of Lost Loves (1984), Spring Fling! (1995), Hope Island (2000) and others.
Simultaneously with the formation of his creative career, the actress has been actively involved in the construction of their own and female happiness. For some time, the actress met actor LeVar Burton, but parents Joyce were strongly against such a tumultuous relationship, and she was forced to stop the romantic encounter.
After – in the late seventies – Anne Joyce DeWitt closely associated Ray Buktenica, who was also an actor and was happy to take care of Joyce. Despite the apparent prosperity, the relationship of actors did not last long and soon burst – like a balloon.
Currently, the actress does not cease to engage in creative work – she’s interested in everything that has to do with art. She is pleased to offer TV directors who occasionally arrive Joyce.

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