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Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt – American actor and film director. Joseph was born in the city of the Angels – Los Angeles, February 17, 1981 It is interesting that the parents Levitt worked at one job – in the local Pacifica radio station. Joseph was still an older brother Daniel, but he died in 2010.
Future Joseph Gordon was determined from an early age, as his grandfather on mother’s side was a film director, and very famous. Thanks to his grandfather Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined the movie world from a young age, and played the Scarecrow in four years in the children’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.” During the performance, the boy saw a man looking for young talents, then Joseph was invited to shoot commercials. At the same time, Joe participated in numerous youth performances, honing their skills.
Levitt film debut took place in seven years in the film “Not one step back.” A couple of years later the actor was invited to the film “Where the River Runs Through It,” and the sitcom “Third Rock from the Sun”.
An important milestone in the filmography of Joseph Gordon-Levitt began a romantic comedy with a touch of drama “10 Things I Hate”, where the actor has demonstrated the power of his acting.
Ordinary recognition of the actor reached in 2009 when appeared in the film about the difficulties in the relationship between man and woman “500 Days of Summer.” The film tells about the happy and sad experiences, of which Joseph knows firsthand: “I believe that you need to experience pain, sad, cry, listen to music loudly. After enduring all these experiences, I became better. ”
After the release of this picture filmography actor replenished exceptionally outstanding films with original and intricate plot, for example, “Home” by Christopher Nolan. The following year, the actor perfectly embodies the image of a cancer patient in the film “Life is Beautiful”.
2012 was filled with bright output movie genre fiction and drama – “The Dark Knight” and “loop time”.
In addition to acting activity Joseph Gordon-Levitt decided to try himself as a filmmaker. His first directorial work entitled “Don Jon” was released in 2013. In this film, which incidentally is a comedic character actor also played a major role. In recognition of the actor: “I was trying to shoot the story about how the media affect our relationships with the opposite sex, as well as on our culture and our lives in general. Yes, I have chosen a few taboo topic, the topic of porn, but I wanted to show this objective is an example of how people move away from the reality of this relationship. ”
Despite the many politically incorrect jokes and pretty extreme plot, the film received mostly positive reviews.
As for the real relationship of the actor, there he is quiet. In different periods Joseph had affairs with a partner on the sets: Julia Stiles and Larisa Oleynik. At one time, even exaggerated rumors of his homosexual. However, in late 2014 the actor has formalized its relationship with Tasha McCauley, playing a modest wedding. Now Joseph and Tasha son and seem very happy in marriage.

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