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Birthday: 09.03.1984 year
Place of birth: Chorley, UK
Citizenship: United Kingdom
‘Sudden star’
Joseph William Gilgan is a British actor, which debuted on television in the series “coronation Street” in 10 years. Since then, his filmography has a lot of interesting projects, among which the most memorable were the role of woody in the drama “This is England” and Rudy in “black” Telemedia “Trash.”
Childhood. The first role
Joseph is the first in a classic English family Judith and Andrew Galganov. Later he had two sisters, Jenny and Rose Gilgan. In seven years the doctors found the boy had dyslexia, in addition, psychologists diagnosed him with a syndrome of hyperactivity.
As a result of congenital illness studies in the elementary school Remington was given to the future actor is not easy: writing, reading, math… besides, Joseph was overly active and impulsive child, which also negatively affected the learning process. 8 years old boy in care was sent to the theatre “Oldham”, where the teachers quickly saw his talent for reincarnation. In 1994 he made his debut in the soap Opera “coronation Street”, where he played the next three years, but after, as is often the case with teenagers, he lost interest in shooting and left the project.
After graduating from high school in Southlands Joseph Gilgan enrolled in College, Rancho on fashion designer, but studied there for a short time – prevented the excessive fascination with the opposite sex, besides, despite the creative specialty, a lot to read and write had there. While the talent in the fashion industry, he was undoubtedly, one of the things Joseph predicted that a year later the fashion will outfits a La “Gypsy boho”, and the way it came out!
Beginning an acting career
Due to the unsuccessful pursuit of academic achievement is a design thing, too, ceased to interest a young man. For some time he worked as a plasterer at the construction site, then decided to return to acting – so it is something he has always done a great job. For some time he starred in the soap Opera “Farm Emmerdale”, snatched a couple of bit parts in obscure TV shows, but in 2006, he received one of the main roles in the drama “This is England”, introduces viewers to the British subculture of the skinheads. Joseph Gilgan played woody, the leader of the gang of young hooligans. The role brought the actor received the award British Independent Film Awards in the category “Best supporting actor”.
Joseph Gilgan and “Misfits”: a New round of popularity
In 2011, Joseph Gilgan successfully auditioned in the popular Comedy sci-Fi series “Misfits”. He had to go through two qualifying rounds, and the second time it was almost launched with the words “We need someone younger!”, and Joseph came back dressed as a car thief: sneakers with solid soles, hat askew, very funny show’s producer.
The character of Joseph Gilgan a Mess was the name of Rudy Wade is a young man, a vandal and a thief with a very marginal character, endowed with “superpowers” to material split personality. Hero Gilgan is a very contradictory, complicated person, like the actor himself.
The character of Joseph Gilgan a Mess was the name of Rudy Wade is a young man, a vandal and a thief with a very marginal character, endowed with “superpowers” to material split personality. Hero Gilgan is a very contradictory, complicated person, like the actor himself.
This project lasted until December 2013, and in 2012, Joseph Gilgan was awarded in the category “Best newcomer” (prize in the SFX Awards) and “Sudden star” (prize in the Virgin Media TV Awards).
In addition, during the filming the actor became friends with the other employed in the project young celebrities in particular, future star of “Game of thrones” Ivan Reon and Antonia Thomas.
Personal life
Personal life Joseph Gilgan is quiet and peaceful, although the nature of his favorite characters this and not say. The actor is very hard to with people. The reason for this nesudimosti – it children’s complexes associated with dyslexia. But, like any creative person, the actor dreams of the perfect faithful woman, friend and lover.
Fans of the actor rarely seen him with women, but still they are present in his life. From 2006 to 2008 girl Joseph Gilgan was his girlfriend named jade. Some time, the actor met with Vicky Lee McClure, who played in the movie “This is England” role Lol, active participants of a gang of skinheads. Not so long ago there were rumors that Joseph Gilgan married a certain Inna Kuhi, but the actor himself this information did not comment.
Their dreams, Joseph takes on the body in the form of tattoos. Each tattoo is not just a pattern, this experienced actor sad or joyful events.
Joseph Gilgan today
In 2016 Joseph Gilgan was busy filming the TV series “Preacher” (“Preacher”), the film adaptation of the eponymous comic books from the publishing house Vertigo. It makes you wonder on the subject of good and evil, I find her. The action of “Preacher” extend far beyond the earthly world, the emergence of “hell” and heaven, God and angels, as well as a fair share of action stirred up the blood of fans of the fantasy theme.
For Joseph Gilgan, “Preacher” was a serious, diverse work. His character was extraordinary and controversial personality, as does Joseph. The actor got the role of a half-mad Irish vampire, an alcoholic and a drug addict Cassidy. His character was so vivid and characteristic that sometimes outshone the lead actors – Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga.

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