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Jonny Lee Miller

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Johnny Lee Miller is a British actor who became famous for his early roles in Jena Softly’s cyberpunk thriller “Hackers” and the film adaptation of Irwin Welch’s novel On a Needle.

Short biography
Johnny was born on November 15, 1972 in an acting family in the prestigious Borough of Greater London Kingston-upon-Thames. The boy’s mother, Anna Lee, was an actress in theater and film. His father, Alan Miller, was also a theater actor, and later also a director on the BBC television channel. Johnny’s maternal grandfather, Bernard Lee, was a very famous British actor. His most popular work was the role of M, the first head of the British secret service MI-6. Years later, when the actor died of cancer, the authors of Bond, out of respect for Lee, decided not to hire a new actor until the next episode. “Only for your eyes” was the only picture where Agent M never appeared. In an interview, Johnny recalled episodes from childhood. He told how at an early age, together with his sister, he visited the Telecentre and watched the filming of the music hit parade “Top of the Pops” and the children’s entertainment program “Blue Peter” on BBC channel. In addition, being a ten-year-old child, Miller appeared in the cult television series Doctor Who. At eleven, an aspiring actor played a small role in the first eponymous film adaptation of Jane Austen’s love story, Mansfield Park. At the same time, the boy entered the Kingston school Tiffin, where he studied acting and received a thorough stage experience. When Johnny was seventeen, he dropped out of school to devote himself entirely to his acting career.

The first great success and worldwide fame came to Miller in his first full-length work. Youth thriller Jena Softly “Hackers” was performed in the popular at the time style of cyberpunk. Johnny played the main role. In the story, his character is a young computer genius Dade Murphy, having launched a computer virus, caused the New York Stock Exchange to collapse. The picture was greeted by critics rather cool, but among young people immediately received the status of the cult. The main female role in the film was performed by young Angelina Jolie, for whom this work was already the third in the filmography. Playing a couple in love on the screen, the young actors are really carried away by each other and outside the set. In 1996, Angelina and Johnny got married. A year later, the relationship cooled and the union fell apart, maintaining friendly relations. As the actors later said in an interview, the wedding itself was a mistake of youth and a rash emotional step.

Around the same time, Miller and his friends organized the film company Natural Nylon and took part in a new full-length project. It was the second movie of the beginning British director Danny Boyle, the criminal comedy “At the Needle”, based on the novel of the same name by the cult Scottish writer Irwin Welch. The plot of the work unfolded in Scotland, which led to one of the main criteria for the selection of actors – they all had to speak with a specific Scottish accent, and therefore be born and live in this country. The unexpected exception was Johnny Lee Miller, who brilliantly played one of the main characters. Initially, the image of “Kaifolom” was supposed to embody Ewan MacGregor, who later played the main role of Mark Renton. But thanks to the constant intensified training, Johnny acquired such an authentic Scottish accent that even the real Scots were inferior to him. As a result, “On the needle” received the status of a cult and was recognized as the best British film in the last half century. Later, the actor played many roles in diverse paintings, but his early work still remains his hallmark. In 2012, Miller worked on Neil Jordan’s new Byzantium project, where, in addition to him, Gemma Arterton, Sirsha Ronan and Sam Riley performed the roles.

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