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Date and place of birth:
October 26, 1977, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
American comedian and writer who became famous after performing the title role in 2004 comedy “Napoleon Dynamite.”
Full name John – Jonathan Joseph Heder. John was born October 26, 1977 in the town of Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. He – the youngest of six children (one of whom – Dan – is his twin brother), born in the family physician James Heder and his wife Helen. John, like his whole family belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose members are better known as the Mormons.
John spent his childhood in Salem, Oregon, where he studied at the Walker Middle School and South Salem High School, and in their free time engaged in swimming and was a member of the Drama Association. After school, Heather enrolled at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, where he first studied filmmaking, and then moved to the animation department.
Film career Jon Heder
In 2000, while studying at the university, he, along with his brothers Dan and Matt made the film «Funky Town», which, although it did not reach the viewer, but John was the first to experience in the acting profession. Three years later, the director Jared Hess, with whom Heather had met at the university offered to star in his short film «Peluca», tells about an eccentric high school students on behalf of Napoleon Dynamite. The film was a great success at the shows on college campuses, at local festivals and competitions, so we decided on this basis to remove full-length film, and the name of the main character to make in the name.
Premiere, which became the debut for Hess, and Heder, was held in 2004 at the Sundance Film Festival.
The budget of “Napoleon Dynamite”, filmed in the summer of 2003 in the city of Preston, Idaho, was only 400 thousand dollars, of which a thousand dollars in royalties received Heder.
Despite the modest funds invested in its production, the film was a huge success at the box office and brought their creators almost $ 45 million.
In addition, the film was honored with numerous awards, including three awards MTV Movie Awards, two of which (in the categories of “Best Music Room” and the “Breakthrough of the Year – Actor”) went to Heather. The actor has also received two awards and seven nominations for the Teen Choice Awards.
Immediately after graduation, Heather, received a degree in computer animation, was invited to film the romantic comedy “Just Like Heaven.” The main characters in the film played by Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo, John also went to a secondary role seller in the bookstore.
In 2006, Heder starred in the comedy on the sports theme “bench» ( «The Benchwarmers») in the role of Clark – one of the three friends-losers who, having grown up, we decided to catch up and become champions … in children’s baseball league. John co-star Rob Schneider steel and David Spade.
In the same year Heather took part in articulating “Monster House” cartoon and starred in the comedy “School for Scoundrels,” a shy boy, prone to fits of panic, which, after passing a course of self-confidence, in the end, “Go Large” his mentor Dr. Pi, whose the role played Billy Bob Thornton.
2007 brought John one of the two main roles in the comedy “Blades of Glory: starlets on the ice”, where he played for a couple with Will Ferrell.
This work has also been featured Heather nomination at the MTV Movie Awards ( «For the best fight” category).
Then there were pictures of “Mama’s Boy” and “Moving McAllister” and cartoon “Surf’s Up,” in which a voice said Heather chick surfer Joe.
In 2010, Heder starred in the romantic comedy “When in Rome” street magician Lance, one of the few poor souls who have experienced the love of the heroine Elizabeth spells by Kristen Bell.
Jon Heder on television
In 2003, John was one of the “victims” of the TV program “set up” Ashton Kutcher and his twin brother Dan and a close friend of Darrin E. Leal were the initiators of the draw and accomplices-podstavschikov actors.
In 2005, John was voiced several characters, one of which bore the name of Napoleon Bonham in “Robot Chicken” episode of the acclaimed parody series.
Three years later, the actor played a small role in an episode of “The woman of Earl,” the series “My Name is Earl.”
John – a frequent guest in various talk shows and programs about celebrities, he participated in such popular programs as “A show with Carrie Keagan”, “Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, “Late Night with Conan O’Brien, “” Saturday night Live “and others.
In 2009, Heather has participated in the creation of “Waking the Dead” web series. Serial comedy horror tells of the misadventures of the Green Dreksa (played by Heder), who, in order to win an argument with the neighbors in the hostel who will sit longer under water in the bathtub, took some pills, after which he lost the pulse, and associates began to consider it zombie.
Jon Heder: behind the scenes
Another student, Heather met his future wife Kirsten, whom he married in 2002. The pair lives in Los Angeles, where in April 2007 John and Kirsten daughter Evan Jane.
John – a big fan of music and fashion of the 1970s, his favorite band – Led Zeppelin.
In accordance with the canons of their religion, John does not use alcohol and drugs and tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Interesting facts about Jon Heder
– John’s grandfather emigrated from Sweden, changed his name Olafs (Olafsen) on Heather.
– The protagonist of the painting “Napoleon Dynamite” model wears shoes Napoleon Dynamite Moon Boots.
– While working on the film “Blades of Glory: starlets on the ice,” Heder received a serious leg injury, which is why the shooting had stopped.
– In the movie “Blades of Glory: starlets on Ice” is the moment when the character Heather treat the question in Japanese, to which he responds well to the Japanese. The actor actually owns the Japanese language, which learned during two years in Japan, where he was a member of a religious mission.

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