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John Francis Bongiovi was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on March 2, 1962, and spent his childhood in another coastal town – Seyrevill. The details of his childhood and youth are not known, according to rumors, John himself was trying to keep them secret, not wanting to let anyone (let alone, millions of fans) in his personal life. The only known facts are absolutely standard for any rock star – school years, our hero skipped a lot of classes in school for guitar lessons and singing lessons. At the same time, John finally decided to take up music professionally, using a single connection to the world of music (his cousin Tony was the owner of the famous recording studio in New York – Power Station). It was at this time, John put the “h” from his name (Jon), to make it more memorable. In the studio, John got a job as a cleaner, but much more valuable was the ability to record their demos. In this he was helped by a variety of musicians, including the E Street Band – they have become famous thanks to its long-term cooperation with another rocker from New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen.
After one of these demos, “Runaway”, became a hit on local radio, John decided to put his own band. He signed a contract with Mercury / Polygram label in July ’83, changed its name to Bon Jovi and gave it the name of your new group (in the group, except for him, played Richie Sambora, David Bryan, Tico Torres and Alec John Such). The first album, named unoriginal – Bon Jovi, was released in early 1984 year. After two clips ( “Runaway” and “She Do not Know Me”), which manifested itself in a remarkable way photogenic appearance of John, the album hit the top 50 best-selling US album, Runaway and in the number of 40-best-selling singles. The band was the headliner in his own club tour, and also sang in front of large audiences, opening concerts Scorpions, of Whitesnake and Kiss.
Shortly after the successful debut, Tony (cousin of John) sued the band, claiming that it was he who came up with the band’s style. Hearings on the case. However, soon stopped. The group’s second album, 7800 Fahrenheit was released in 1985 and went gold. Despite the successes, John and the guys have not yet reached the status of superstars, which, of course they had hoped. But with the third album, everything changed …
“Slippery When Wet” was released in August 1986. The album spawned two consecutive 1’s numbers in the US – “You Give Love a Bad Name” and “Livin ‘On A Prayer”, is not lost and the group anthem – Wanted Dead Or Alive occupied the honorable 7th place. SWW autumn for the first time won the 1st place in the US charts, but this leadership lasted only a week. But at the beginning of the 87th, he again took the first place, having held on it 7 weeks (of the Billboard album already spent 94 weeks), leaving the bag countryman group – all the same with his Springsteen Live 1975-85. The album was a huge success – 12 million copies have been sold in America, even more in the world. It was the best selling rock album of the year, and John and the team finally became superstars.
In 1988, John first appeared on the big screen. The caricature Bruce Willis movie The Return Of Bruno, he played himself along with other celebrities – Michael J. Fox, Elton John, as well as musicians Kiss Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.. In September of the same year came the 4th album: “New Jersey”. He stayed on top of the Billboard for a month, and 5 songs from it were in the top ten hits, including two first places – “Bad Medicine” and “I’ll Be There For You”. The group went on their first world tour, also known as the “Infinite Tour” – 18-month odyssey, after which they went into a long and well-deserved vacation.
During this leave, John decided, finally, to disappoint the many fans and married his girlfriend from school Dorothea Hurley (Dorothea Hurley), already possessed by this time a black belt in karate. On the professional front, things have gone better than frontman – he wrote the soundtrack for Young Guns 2. Western blot album was released simultaneously with the film (in which John received a 10-seconds part) in September 1990. The title track “Blaze Of Glory” was the first (and so far only) solo superhit John – number 1 in America, an Oscar nomination and a Grammy-winning “Golden globe”. The second single from the album, Miracle, took quite modest (for works of superstar) 12th place. The album enjoyed great popularity and for a time occupied the third place in the charts.
Fumbling in his pockets, and felt there is only depressing emptiness, John once again gathered a group named itself in 1992. Autumn came 5th album – Keep The Faith. Despite critical acclaim, the album failed to repeat the success of its predecessors, not rising above the 5-th place in the US and having existed for only two weeks in the top ten. It is easy to find an explanation – much musical tastes have changed over the 4 years that have passed since New Jersey, largely due to rapidly spreading epidemic grunge Kurt Cobain headed. Pop-metal lost its position forever. However, one of the singles from the Keep The Faith, the powerful ballad “Bed Of Roses” broke into the top ten and stayed there for a considerable time, and the album debuted at number one in England, surprising many – including the group itself.

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