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Born 05.03.1975, San Diego, California, USA
American actress, model
The beginning of the way
Jolene Blalock was born March 5, 1975 in San Diego, California, USA. Before acting career, Jolene, having an attractive appearance, left home at seventeen and began modeling business in Europe and Asia. She worked as a model, often appearing on the covers of men’s magazines, often taking part in fashion shows, did a photo shoot for “Playboy” in 2002.
After years of dieting, Jolene Blalock gave up modeling career: “I’m tired of the business model is difficult to remain permanently in one form, and it is difficult to endure psychologically.”. And all the desired fruit Blalock received: model not only began to learn, but increasingly, and often wanted to see, and does not matter where – at shows or in the media.
Film career
Jolene Blalock’s first appearance on television was crucial for aspiring actress: fans of the media gladly accepted a new role Jolene especially those who became interested in the television project “Star Trek” director-screenwriter Edward Nyumayera. Jolene Blalock has appeared in the television series as Subkommandera T’Pol in a duet with Casper Van Dien. The plot nauchnofantasticheskogo of serial adventure narrated that the war with alien arachnids is not over yet.
Jolene Blalock was actively involved in a variety of TV entertainment shows, which not only expanded her acting experience, but also raised the rating of the young actress in the audience.
In 2000, Jolene Blalock played the role of the second plan – the enchanting Medea in the historical fantasy “Jason and the Argonauts” in partnership with the actors: Jason London, Frank Langella, Natasha Henstridge, Derek Jacobi, Olivia William. In the film antique hero Jason and his team embark on a long and dangerous voyage across the Black Sea in search of the Golden Fleece, which is rumored to have an evil king Aerta in Colchis. In 2001, she played in the movie “Raiders of diamonds”, again showing excellent individual play.
Jolene Blalock continued to work productively in a movie, he starred Nora Timmer and Kate in the pictures “Rage” 2005 and “Deadly Game” 2007, respectively. Last thriller-writer director Michael Winnick, where Jolene Blalock starred with Tony Todd, Marc Winnick and Diannoy Nicole Baxter opened kinoitoriyu how eight half-naked people woke up in the rooms with white walls, and feeling terrible fear, tried to understand, how they got here. Trying to escape from this place, they found the machine to brainwash with signs that it was used eight times …
In 2008 Jolene Blalock took part in the filming of “The first fear” and appeared in the title role of Captain Lola Beck in the film “Starship Troopers 3: Marauder”.
Personal life
Free time, Jolene Blalock prefers to spend in a circle of close friends, as well as – for the reading of good books.

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