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Johnny Depp (Johnny Depp) – American actor, director, musician, writer and producer. Winner of the prize “Golden Globe”, a multiple nominee for “Oscar” and “Golden Globe”. Also listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the highest paid actor.

Born on June 9th in Kentucky, USA. At the birth of a child in whose veins flows the Indian, Irish, and German blood, it was given the name John Christopher Depp II. (His father, a civil engineer, was named John Christopher Depp Senior). Future movie star mother worked as a waitress, and in the family except he had three more children. The family was not happy – the case of regular conflicts Mezhuyev parents and, when Johnny was fifteen, they divorced. With twelve years of Johnny, a teenager from a difficult family, already smoking and drinking alcohol. And after the divorce of his parents in his life were drugs, rock ‘n’ roll – and about the same time, he said, he “became a man,” and he was expelled from school. Taught himself to play the guitar donated by his mother, Johnny became a member of the group The Kids, a part of which began performing in nightclubs in Florida, and then completely left the house, went with his band in Los Angeles. In twenty years, Johnny married Lori Allison, the sister of one of the musicians from his band. However, the game in the group did not bring substantial revenue, and newly made husband had odd jobs: he sold pens, digging ditches, was a courier … This way of life was not like his wife, Hollywood make-up artist, and they divorced two years later. But anyway, thanks to Laurie Allison took the start of an acting career, Johnny Depp when she introduced him to Nicolas Cage. They hit it off, and Depp Cage sent to his agent. Thanks to his charisma Johnny quickly gets to the set. One of the first films, where he was called, was telebiografiya great beatnik Jack Kerouac, but the real debut on the silver screen was held in the now iconic “Nightmare on Elm Street.” He was noticed and, largely due to appearance, was invited to the TV series “21 Jump Street,” where he is “stuck” for three years. The series, which also appeared very young Brad Pitt, the actor brought wide popularity. (In 2012 came the full-screen remake of the series, which in the Russian box office was code-named “Macho and Botan.” Depp did not stay away from him, she appeared in one of the episodes, although in different interview spoke about the show in a rather negative light. ) The role of Depp in the film “Cry-Baby,” an order of magnitude increase the crowd of his fans, but he has not dreamed of a career Cute idol high school student.
The turning point in the acting of Depp’s career was meeting with Tim Burton and his role in the strange tale stimpankovskoy “Edward Scissorhands”, for which he was nominated for the “Golden Globe”. This was followed by cooperation with such directors as Jim Jarmusch ( “Dead Man), Terry Gilliam (” Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas “,” The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus “), Emir Kusturica (” Arizona Dream “), Lasse Hallström (” What’s Eating Gilbert Grape “,” Chocolate “). And continued collaboration with Tim Burton – Depp still appears in almost every picture of him.
However, the resounding popularity and high ratings, and exorbitant fees came to an actor thanks to roles in the favorite mass audience tapes – “Ed Wood,” “Sleepy Hollow,” “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “The Ninth Gate”, ” astronaut’s wife, “” Benny & Joon, “” Donnie Brasco “…
Fans of Depp’s jealous of his passion – especially to Winona Ryder, for which the actor even stuffed tattooed “Winona Forever”. But the strongest confusion in their ranks made the appearance of Vanessa Paradis, Depp conquered perfect topline, and became his wife and mother of two children – daughter Lily Rose and Jack’s son. However, not so long ago, the star couple announced the rupture that caused a surge of activity in the numerous sites and forums dedicated to the actor, whose “People” magazine named the sexiest.
Today Johnny Depp rightfully takes its place on the Olympus of Hollywood and is considered the highest-paid actor, although off once the shooting in the movie to capitalize on the music album. But with music it is not broke – played in “Pi” group, he sang in the musical “Sweeney Todd”, together with Rodriguez wrote the music for the film “Once in Mexico, 2”, worked on a documentary about the band “The Doors” and was the producer of the film on Keith Richards. He is interested in human vices and the fate of difficult people – he produced “The Rum Diary”, which is preceded by many friendly conversations with the legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, began work on the film “Shantaram” by the autobiographical book signed, I bought a few paintings of a serial killer clown John Wayne Gacy. Perhaps this strange hobby and became his main secret of the role played by the charming pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp after which became the most popular actor in the world.

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